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looking at my life

the first time i ever did shrooms, i ate a half eighter.

the first time i ever did shrooms, i ate a half eighter.
it was a sunday night, my grandparents were in town, so i had to sleep in my sisters room, and the rest of the family went out to eat, except the sister.

i ate as soon as they left (around 10:30 or so), and tried to remain calm until they came back, so that when they did, i would seem asleep, and then could walk around my sisters room quietly and think.

and i felt a good stoned effect by 11:30, and i started to see roads travelling horizontally across the walls, as well as my friend Liz running vertically on the walls with a brush painting the room rainbow colored, at around 12:30.

i began to feel colorful and happy, and i listened to some music. i kept playing aqua-good morning sunshine, and a couple other songs by them. aqua felt relly good for me
i tried to write poetry, but i decided to settle on just writing on how i feel. it came out weird, of course, especially in the dark.

i went into the bathroom at around 2, or 2:30, and i looked in the mirror. i stared for a while, and i became a werewolf, and i grew gills/scale on my body. pretty weird. i brought a fairy book with me, and got naked, for the sake of being more natural. i stept in the shower, but the water wasnt working, so i just stared at the wall. the shower was pretty small, and i began to look INTO the wall, and saw elves and fairies playing in it. they called to me, and told me to jump thru, but just that day i made up with my best friend, so i decided against leaving everything behind.

i sat back down on the bed, and became a little depressed. i felt like my life was going nowhere, but then i realized my passion for poetry, and thats what my life would work with. i needed poetry like nothing else, and i decided that i would go back to writing a lot (i had stopped, after losing inspiration). i lied down, and tried to sleep, but couldnt, so i put on an mp3 cd, and let myself drown in the music, until i fell asleep.

the last i saw the clock, it was 4, and i woke up at 6:30 for skewl, tired as hell. i slept thru all my classes, and was prolly very iffy that day, and tired the rest of the week. but ever since, i've written a lot more, felt better about myself, and dont have as strong an urge to roll (im in rehab for rolling).

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