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My First Trip

It started after seeing Ghost Rider

Went and saw ghost rider last saturday (march 17th). Got home @ around 9:30pm. Just got my shrooms and was anxious to start tripping. So I got some orange juice (as reccommended on the net including this site). And did about a gram. That was @ 9:48pm. Say 45minutes later, my speech, walking (more of a stumbe), and typing on my macbook went to hell. I started sending incomprehendable instant messages over msn to people. One guy was intrigued by all this so I told him what I was doing (mostly at the laughing stage, when I realized  I stopped laughing I would start again cause my face felt soo weird..). He told me one thing I should remember. Which was "DUDE DON'T DRIVE". I had no intention of. He also said not to "hurt" myself lol, I could even keep an erection lol, my mind was everywhere..
He went off to do something. I looked at the ground and could have sworn I saw a snake trying to steal a water bottle on my floor. Still thinking it was real I got up, stumbled over and stole the bottle back from the snake. I then sat down again and looked over ad the snake was gone. I was in the clear and finished off the water in the bottle. Success, no snake can fuck with me!

Now I decided to play some X-Moto (for the mac). It's like Elastomania for the pc. I was playing pretty well as most of the time when im not on any drugs I get pissed off eventually and quit the game. I completed about 5 or 6 levels, each time laughing my ass off, espically when the guy on the bike died from my incompetence at using the 4 arrows.. Until I got to this one level. I was so tripping that I just kept killing the guy and laughing my ass off almost falling on the floor a couple times. Eventually that got boring. I guess that was at around 12am when DJ Icey's show on Sirius satellite went off. I started listening to some Jimi Hendrix eventually got up turned my lights off turned down the brightness on my mac and had my moving background on. It's the default screensaver for all mac computers. With the flowing multicoloured beams of light it was amazing. I listened to a lot of jimi hendrix, every song better than the last I didnt skip one song. As it says above for the trip experience "music gets wider". That totally happened. I spent an hr just looking at my moving background and  listening to jimi hendrix..

Now its 1:15am ish, all the jimi hendrix music i have is over. I close off iTunes slowly get up (I mean sloooow) and stumble out of my room to the bathroom which is a left once I leave my room. I told the guy I was talking to above "Fuck brushing my teeth for once". I stuck to that had to water the horse ;). It was dark and I could barely stand so I sat down on the toilet and the heat register which is a gray metal thing. It looked like a bright white version of the heat register. I put my hand in front of it it looked soo cool.

I made it to bed finally at around 1:30am (spent like 15minutes in the bathroom admiring the heat register..). I got in and whenever I moved the covers it sounded like a beat for music. Instruments including a guitar, drums, piano, all sorts of crazy shit like all the techno, house and drum and bass loops too. That went on until around 2:30am. I was trying to think of what to say on this site but everytime I did I would eventually close my eyes and see some crazy things. I forgot to mention visuals when my eyes were closed were the best. I can't describe what I saw. The only one I remember was my mac and it's dock being stretched towards me like in star trek when they would go at lightspeed away from the klingons or whatever... I didn't see any flowing colours or other stuff.. Next time ;).

Eventually I passed out from exhaustation woke up in the morning a little groggy and fuzzy on what went on last night. It eventaully came back to me .Thus the post today..

If you've read all this then you know I'm a "nerd" as it's called. Just I don't spend months of my life playing World of Warcraft (WoW) or any of those other games unless its gta..). I'm also one of those guys who keeps to himself (shy) and least likely to try drugs (weed and shrooms is where it is and will always be..). Thinking of it now there was one asshole who I will call "G" a thats the first letter of his name. It's not a widely used name anymore like Gary.. But anyway he said I was likely to get into a fuck ton of drugs.. They don't rule my world even though I got really blazed this morning (smoked an whole joint this morning listening to jimi hendrix on my iPod.) still feeling it too. And its been over 3 hours now..

Thanks for reading :D I know it's a long read. I plan on posting more the next time I do shrooms..

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