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Trippin in Texas

My friend said shrooms and i said ok.

  Well, i'd just gotten my taxes in and my friend in Texas told me that he'd just bough 8 grams of some really bomb shrooms.
I live in arkansas and i usually don't have the chance to ever try any and if they do they're some weak ass field shrooms.

Anyway, he said shrooms and i said ok. I was ready. It'd been a while and the last trip i had was pretty weak. So I decided right then that i was gonna drive to texas as soon as i got off work. I didn't wanna go alone so i asked my roommate to come along. As soon as i told him what was up, he was ready to go.
So, at around 6:00 p.m. we left on a roughly six hour drive.
We pulled up to my friends house between 11:30 and 12, got high and tried to relax for a moment before ingesting the shrooms.
Finally he pulled the shrooms out. He suggested, since they were soo strong, i take only a gram. I said ok, but i really wanted to eat more (i've never tripped on less than two grams).

As soon as i saw what i was about to eat i knew i was gonna be trashed. Somehow just by looking at the shrooms i could tell they were ready to kick my ass. He gave me and my friend one good sized mushroom to split (it was probably only 3 1/2 inches long), and a half dollar-size wad of aborts. So my friend and I proceeded to split up the shrooms the best that we could. We ate them, the aborts were kinda crispy. We washed it all down with a silver bullet, and then smoked another bowl. After about five minutes my buddy gave us another piece of a mushroom to split.

It never takes me long to feel the first effects of some mushrooms. In about ten minutes I already had a giddy feeling in my stomache and was laughing at stupid things. Then my stomache began to hurt just a little, but in about 5 minutes that was completely gone.
I quickly noticed my motor functions were failing. I could talk, i could think of what i wanted to say, but when i tried to talk, my words were a little slurred like i was drunk or something.

It really hit me like a ton of bricks this time. my friend decided that he wanted to walk to the apartments laundry room and as soon as we stepped outside we saw blue lights. the cops were outside by one of the apartments arresting some guy. It freaked me out HARDCORE from that moment on, it was like i wasn't alright with my trip, i wasn't content with not being able to control how fucked up i was. I'm sure it makes since to some of you. Whatever. the night went on.
When we got back i really began to realize how fucked up i was. I looked at the wall, not even tryin, and saw it push out an upper layer. Then it started dripping down toward the floor. At this moment i saw the kaleidoscope patterns on the walls, peoples faces, and on my arms. I went to the bathroom, because it seems like you always really start trippin good in bathrooms, even though i was already tripping very good. So i just sat in the bathroom for a while and watched the freckles on my arms move around. 

 One thing, that i forgot to say, is that i was laughing quite uncontrollably for most of the night, also it was freezing cold outside(two things i should've already mentioned)
So, i dont' know what happened but i was laughing soo hard that i was crying, and i was crying so much from laughing so much that my nose started running and getting clogged up. I began to think that i was laughing my brains out.
So here i was, at this point, stumbling all over the place, slurring my words, sniffing my nose, and trippin ballz.
I was standing in my friends kitchen and in his kitchen he has a door that go's to a cupboard or whatever. I was just standing there kinda stairin off when all of the sudden i see a golden doorknob in the middle of the door. Now, the exact moment that i noticed the doorknob, i started to sniff due to my clogged nose. As i sniffed the doorknob just kinda disappeared. Almost as if it got sucked through the other side of the door. By far one of the craziest things that i've ever seen while i was trippin.

Then after that, i can't recall seeing anything else that stood out in particular. The rest of the night was a mind fuck. *shakes head* "Whew" Pure craziness. It was the hardest trip i'd ever had. I thought my brain was going to explode because i was thinking sooo much at once. I got lost in my own thoughts for moments at a time. I believed that everything and everyone was connected in some, way, shape, form, or fashion. I believed that i was connected with everyone who'd ever ate these mushrooms. This was becuz i felt like since the mushrooms came from the earth, and the earth was connected to every living thing that has ever grown on this planet. So when i ate the mushrooms they were like a key that connected me and several other people. Not necessarily the people i was with either.
I also decided that time was an illusion. That we've all already lived our lifes and that we're stuck with the same mistakes that we've already made. We've already chosen our futures and we don't even know it yet. I dont' know, it's weird. Like we're re-living our lives, we think that we have controll, but we don't, we're soo confused as to why we really don't have much controll of our own lives, that's because we've already made our choice the last time we lived it.

It was a messy tangled web of crazy thoughts, that i truthfully couldn't begin to tell you exactly how i thought it. I also began to believe that i was gonna stay that way forever. (the thought that i probably looked retarded to a sober person crossed my mind) and that's what fucked me up. Then the next day i came up with a saying to help me through situations like that when i'm tripping.
"Stop believing the trip, and start trusting it."

Whatever it was a good night. I tripped untill about 4:30 in the morning and then went to bed.



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