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First Trip Changed My Life

Most Beautiful Day Ever Imagined

My First time taking shrooms and it has changed my life.

It was a beautiful saturday, clear skies, and a nice flowing river in front of me.
My dealer got a batch of shrooms and I've always wanted to try them so I purchased an 1/8th.

Most people told me they tatsed nasty, but I actually enjoyed chewing them, tasted like pumpkin seeds to me.
My friend and I sat and chilled and watched tv till they kicked in.

At first it was a nice body high, I couldnt stand still, I was always swaying one way or another. My friend and I
decided to go drive the golf cart until the effects really kicked in.

We were speeding around and then it hit. I could see the smallest detail in everything I glanced at, I barely
remember where we drove but I know we were hauling ass cause this crazy bitch with a power tool came running at us
yelling "CEASE AND DESIST!" She was talking to my friend and I looked up at her, I will NEVER forget her face. She
was old but had the most stunning blue eyes I had ever seen, Every wrinkle on her face was like a mountain, leading
to a huge crevasse. But I could not look away from those eyes.

After getting in trouble for speeding we went on a walk, thats when I looked up in the sky.
I have always loved clouds, but tripping on these shrooms has made my love for them grow deeper, I could see every
swirl, every movement they made, and it was like their were 7 dimensions of them, an exact copy of it behind each
one. I must have stood there staring at the clouds for a long time, it was phenominal.

My friend snapped me out of my daze and we headed up to a deck that over looked the river, forest and had a huge
view of they sky. I saw geometric patterns everywhere I glanced, mainly in rocks in the river. The forest seemed to move as one being.
But if i wanted it was still as a picture and i could spot one tree, and look at one detail, one ant crawling on one

I glanced towards the sky again and this time the clouds blew my mind. The visual was of an unborn baby in the fetal
posistion. I could see the umbelical cord and as the cloud twisted and swirled, it grew as we do in age. I was
simply amazed.

At once I felt a sense of beloning, I knew my place in the world and I was totally content with life. I remember
feeling as if i was part of the clouds, I had no need to beathe and was flying softly anywhere I could imagine.
I reached for the sun and looked at my hand, It was like looking through a microscope, I could see every speck of
dust and I was able to seperate every line of my fingerprint to examine it.

As I came down from the trip I was in the greatest mood of my life, this is the drug I have been waiting for. I
loved it and will do it again very soon.

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