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Lessons for Life

Overwelming Respect


A group of my friends and I had been looking for some shrooms to trip on for the first time and when we finnally got them...oh wow were we ever excited. We planned on doing then in the forest behind our town with a nice setting of 4 people(Let's call them Dave, Jim, Bob and myself).

Anyways, all of us were trying and acheiving a relaxing envirment when we consumed them. The shrooms were cubensis i believe and each of us got a 1/8 to his own. After about 30 mins the forest got a beautiful green tint and we started just to walk around our little settlment. We eventually sat back down and make a circle for the pipe of a grass that was being passed. Everyone cept  Dave joined us as, he peaked early on(we didn't know at the time). It looked like he was having a bad or just confusing time so I tried to offer my help. I think thats all he needed because he began to join the trip with us and accepted the feeling. After listen to music on the stereo for a while the effects had peaked and when Jim said to me "We're on the top, how does it feel?" I was immediatly propelled to the top of a mountain with the wind blowing in my hair. It was time to go out and take in the world. Bob couldn't finish his bag so he genoursly shared them to the group.

We crossed the forest and everyone was just happy, extremely happy. It seemed like everything had its own place in the world and no change could make it anymore perfect. Every word I uttered seemed to be planned out ahead of time, so i didn't bother worrying so much on the words I'd say. This feeling liberated me emencely because before the trip I always had a problem getting across my ideas and thoughts...not anymore..my brain became swarming with endless possibilties.

Lesson 1: Life has to many options to live with blinders on.

We wanted to go to the pizza place in town, so we started walking. We ended up at a playground somehow and started playing joyfully climbing and sliding down. I went to the slide and louged there for a peaceful time, melting into the slide and what not. Dave warned me not to stay to long on it or you won't want to leave. He was right so we continued on our journey for pizza.

We then came to the usual place where we get stoned and hang out. It felt so great to be there like a second home almost. Anyways we tripped there for a bit till we snapped out of the trance that fell on us. Went down the street into the pizza shop and whoa that was the most pleasant part of the trip. It was so warm opposed to the frigid outside weather. I ordered my pizza with my huge pupils staring blankly at the cashier. Oh what fun we made in there. Everyone looking at eachother and giggling...relaxing eating an amazing pizza. But then Jim started complaining trying to pursway us to head out to the pond. Now me and a few others haven't even finished yet so I decided to stay, you know what's the rush? Time was meaningless. Jim convinced Bob and they headed out to the pond and that was the last I saw of them in a while.

Lesson 2: Don't let anyone telll you how to live your life.

Me and Dave just sat in the pizza place for a while just taking it in and watching people go by and waving. After finishing our pizza's we decided to meet up with the other guys at the pond. I really don't know how we managed to get there, we just walked letting the road take us where ever. I started to miss the guys, we were having a really good time earlier. Anyways the pond was naturally frozen into ice which was very very pleasant to watch swirl around. We played with a glass bottle for a while and Jim was feeling very talkative. His mind was racing with ideas that we( or atleast us had experienced). Unfortunatly he did not retain any of the revelations he experienced. Revelations like "money is not important" and "respect for everyone and everything in the world". Anyways a little bit after we were nearly back on the ground and utterly confused.

To my wonder people started to demean the experience they had or dumb it down. I didn't really want to go away empty with this experience so I decided to leave the group because it was gettting very negetive. I think because they didn't know what to do with what they experienced. Anyways I left the group and trusted my gut. Reflected on my trip and improved my life in many ways.

Throughout the trip our little group was so connected, I could not tell were my mind and the others began. This brought us togther and made us appreciate eachothers pressence. Also I didn't jump to conclusions and judge what they were saying so quickly. Instead I listened to their statement and reacted appropriatly. This made myself and environment feel beautiful, so I decided to continue to do that when we had sobered up.

Life changing experience. Thank you mushrooms!

Peace and One Love!

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