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Lucky Charms

theyre magically delicious

ok so the first time i had shrooms was 2 weeks ago.  i decided that i wanted to have a little more ffun than just smokin pot. i called up my friend and told him to bring some shrooms. he came and said that they were called cubes. he handed me sum and told me that i should start out with an eighth and i put them on a piece of cheese pizza and ate it. we just sat there for twenty minutes playing xbox and i was extremely doubtful (i shouldnt hav been) i told him i needed some more and he said no but i convinced him to give me some. i got a bowl of lucky charms and ate it aftr i ate the shrooms. the ones from earlier had started to kick in and i started 2 get a little dizzy. so i asked him if he wanted to smoke a joint and he said sure.  once done i was trippin like mad. then out of the blue the lucky charms started dancing around the cereal bowl. i started to flip and my friend just sat there and laughed. i then saw the leprecaun from the box jump off the box and run out the room. i chased after him outside and into the nearby woods.  i lost him and sat beneath a tall maple tree. i closed my eyes and saw swirling colors of green blue and orange. i opened up my eyes and the tree in front of me started talkin to me. we talked forever. then the tree i sat under grabbed me and i flipped. i punched the tree and it started bleeding. i started crying cuz i thought i was goin 2 die and then i was in a pool of blood.  i tried to swim but i couldnt and i sank into it but then my friend had pulled me out of the river and i swore it was jesus. that was the best time ever! i cant remember the rest but im doin it again in honor of st patricks day and u can expect me to write again

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