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Opening The Doors Of Percepcion

It was about a year ago when I was first introduced to the royal family of hallucinogens...

  First, I must say that I apologize for any potential grammatical mistakes throughout the report, as I do not come from an English speaking country. Second, this was my first trip and therefore this is my first trip report.
Now that you were presented with these two facts, we can dive into the fascinating realms of my magic mushroom expirience.
  via book you´ve all probably heard of - "My Problem Child" by Albert Hoffman, the man who discovered LSD. In the beginning it all sounded
a bit scary - all the halucinations, distortions, a profound insight into your mind... But as the time passed I got more and more interested in this topic.
 So one day when I finally thought I knew enough about this type of drugs, I along with two of my friends decided to try them. In my opinion LSD is far too powerful to open you a door into the world of psychedelic expirience.
Maybe it is even too powerful to ever try it, I don´t yet know (at this point I must say that the only drug we consume is cannabis). Due to that we decided we will try shrooms. We each got ourselves about 2.5 grams of Psilocybe Cubensis (Mexican) and patiently waited the day friend´s  A (from now on I going to call them A and B) house will be empty. Of course we armed ourselves with lots of knowladge in order to avoid bad trip (I even made 8 cds of carefully chosen music, which later turned out were useless).
  At last the big day arrived. We all consumed our mushies via tea, as it is known this is the best way to avoid nausea, not to mention the fact that the taste is tremendously improved. Friend A started to feel the efects rather quickly, after just
10 minutes passed, while I and the other friend weren´t that "lucky". I must mention that we with A both didn´t eat for about 5 hours whereas B ate 2.5 hours before the cunsumption. But despite that he was lucky enough not to vommit.
Then all of the sudden, after 20 minutes the effects got me too. I am by far not able to describe the felling that surpassed me - I was in heaven. My body started to feel very light, my stomach started to tickle and I got this happy, warm feeling across
my whole body. Mushrooms kicked into B also by that time, but it was quite different for him- he got these laughing attacks. At first they were quite disturbing to me, not to mention A, who was tripping really hard and wanted us to be quiet. However I soon started to laugh very intensly too, beacuse A´s brother found us and everything was so strange, so unfammiliar. Or maybe I had an ego split by wanting to do 2 things simultaneously. By now I got some serious visuals. For example, changing colours, dancing ceiling, wavy vision... But the most interesting hallucination I had, was when looked over to B and saw him as a baby. This was probably the consequence of him acting as a child (he in fact was like a drunken monkey). I stood up and decided to go downstairs to the living room (we were upstairs in the room where the television was - we watched Odyssey Into Mind´s Eye) where the sofa, fireplace and hi-fi was. The room is decorated in a sort of African style. I could hardly walk, in other words I was walking like a crooked 80-year-old with twitching legs. When I finally manage to stumble to the sofa, some very strange things begin to happen. Candle which was on the table, was breathing, walls around me were spinning and changing colours, I saw a tunnel inside the fireplace... After some time, when my awing upon these unusualness evaporated, I went back to upstairs´ room.  There I simply collapsed on the ground with my head ending outside, in the hallway and the rest of my body in the TV room. I was lying in this position, looking at the ceiling for quite some time. Visions of forest, visions of various plants rushed through my mind. What I found really odd at this stage was not knowing where my legs and hands were, in fact I thought they were growing out of my head!
 As time passed and visions became weaker, I manage to pull myself up to the sofa. "Philosophical phase" kicked in, therefore many questions about my personality, other people and also time, space and other deep concepts erupted. To be honest
this was actually the most interesting phase to me, even though there weren´t any serious visuals.  A and B calmed down too so we all talked about aforementioned ideas. In addition to that, I must say that at this point I was able to see people´s
peronalities very well - it was a kind of E.S.P. thing.
 Later in the evening, when almost all mushroom effects were nearly gone, some of are friends came over and found us watching the late evening news. At that time that was perfectly normal to us but they started to laugh - watching the news on a Saturday evening! They were very interested in our expiriences but we were quite unable to explain all the phenomenas to them. I remember we were full of positive energy, happiness and were grateful for our existience.
 To sum up, I´ve had one of best expiriences of my life. It helped me to see the world from a different viewpoint I never before imagined actually existed. But of course the journey has just begun, I don´t doubt there is an endless plain that´s just wainting for me to discover it.

P.S.: You must do your best to avoid bad trip. Fill your head with knowladge and clear your mind of any potential conflicts. Plan things you will do in advance (music, movies and other triptoys). Although it may prove out you didn´t really need to do that, as in my case, it can possibly save you from a horror trip.

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