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ups and downs, christ...

First trip for me and my friends

Heya, this trip took place last winter. Figured I'd post it since I found it quiet emotional in many ways.
It all started out (can't recall day, and exact hour) as any other... we sat at our m8 playing xbox, then another m8 phoned and told us he had just gotten some shrooms he had ordered.
So we meet up with him, we where four people and none of us had ever tripped before. We bought 20g of somushroom (?) from a close friend whom have tripped alot. He said they where pretty strong and had tripped pretty hard on 5g of them. Note that this was my first trip ever, had only touched hash, few types of pot and saliva before. The story is a little chaos, but the night was very chaotic.

After making some tea and cutting the shrooms (3g first dosage) up we mix it all together and drink it. We are starting to get a bit nervous so we light up a jay and pass it around. The drug took about half hour to 45 min before starting to take effect. (note: I was the only one that hadnt eaten anything that day.) I was the first to notice the changes in the atmosphere, we dimmed the lights out a bit. I started noticing movement in the room, patterns in the roof started melting a bit together. Time goes by and I'm seeing colors everywhere, my m8s faces are changing color in turn (green, blue, red and purple) going in a clockwise circle. more time goes by. M8 that sold the shrooms arrive with another close friend. He changes our music from infected mushroom to some really acid trance (example www.jaroo.org/jaroo%20-%20commandments.mp3 a short remix I made this week). So this is where it starts to go both ways rofl. One of my m8s suddenly stands up, tells us "Shit guys I feel really sick, I think I'm gonna vommit" so he walks over to the door. (I am close to my first peak) When he is close to leave the room, the mate sitting next to me starts vommiting. He goes on for a well 10-12 times, the floor is filled and the shroom is gone. The m8 by the door goes up. (He blacked out at the bathroomfloor, laying flat for one hour or so). The third mate of mine goes into the kitchen, I join him and we light up a new joint to calm ourself down. So an half our pass and my throath is really messed up, dehydrated and dry. I drink, but it feels totally wrong so I drag some more of the jay and it feelt like it helped. So we are currently two hours into the night... We go back to the living room, the one vommiting first feels better already. The mate from upstairs comes down again and says he feels really weird. Well here comes the fun, I toss on another 2g (currently at 5g dosage) and so does the the rest except one fainting.

Time flyes by, the tv is making warp portals about a meter ouf from the screen, the music is getting more and more intense and I am starting to warp in time. Not totally out of my councousness but not in the livingroom anymore. I understand life, and everything has a meaning to me. Time doesnt excist, it's all just something we have made up. Everybody where happy and living by the correct "rules" (imo at that point). The music got more into me and I felt like I was the music, so I started walking around with motions that (I thought) matched the beats. Now, while we had been here in the livingroom my other m8 (the last one) had been sitting and thinking about alot of negative stuff. He felt all wrong, and left the room (went into the kitchen). None of us noticed it, until we all of the sudden hear him vomitt about 15-20 times. The m8 that sold em told us he's fine and went to check, if we didnt have a solver guy there he would've drowned in his vomit. He was now laying flat in his puke head down. My m8 got him away from it, got him on the side and started to talk to him. He was totally lost (thought he was at the gates of heaven, beeing denied and tossed to hell where he would be punished by satan for all eternity). So... There I am sitting in the livingroom, only guy left that havent vomitted. Weird thing is I still havent been negative affected by all the shit around me. I was so lost in the music at that point, just sat in the couch and smiled (picture at bottom :P). My other m8 (first vomitter) was sitting and toying with his eyebrows, up and down... I laughed at him for over 20 min because I thought he was just looking at me and it was the drug that did it but it wasnt. So after a good while I went to the kitchen and my m8 is laying in his boxers with a pillow under his head babbling random stuff. I walk over to him and he spits right up by me, not that I noticed it but he told me it later (he didnt know why he did it, but was a part of his trip). So I reach my total peak... I freak out, All of the sudden the whole atmosphere grabs ahold of me and I am freaking out. The one at the floor is going nuts too, runs out and tryes to get into his car (clearly not in a state for driving). He screaming that he had to drive him, he couldnt stay there anymore. After an half hour of convincing they got him in and my friend drove me home. He didnt want to drop me off due to my parents where home and I didnt know if they where awake. So I took my chance, thanked for the ride and got home. Started the night with a quick pee, kinda hard since the toilet moved from side to side. When I got up to my room I jumped to bed, music was on (but it was hiphop). I spendt an half hour trying to get up from my bed to get over to the pc (1 meter away). Finally, got onto my chair. Started looking at the screen, everything was a big soup. The screen curved out like mentioned earlier so I spendt atleast 20 min trying to close winamp and open a playlist. Finally got it working, I went to bed it was dark and I was laying listning to yet more acid trance. Fell asleep around 5am after a 8hour trip, woke up two hours later thinking that I had just ruined my life. I found the way of life, and it was all so bizzar that I could never go on. So... went to the train, went to school (still beeing pretty high). Saw nobody at the train, nobody outside the school (freaked me out). When I got into class I got reliefed people where there, was kinda scary since I still had hallucination (etc my arms suddently became two meters long).
Overall a very weird trip. I learned alot from the trip, but my friend laying in the kitchen was sure he was going to die or already die. He wish he never had experienced the trip he had, hard to explain how horrifying it was for him since he doesnt want to talk much about it.

But I got to say I loved it :>

(if the story isnt a 5 tell me and I'll move it)

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