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Erie Crazyness

10pm to 3am 1.5g

My friend and i decide to trip so i got some for us and he took a lot more then me because i wanted to try a smaller trip and owed him some money.  We ate them at 10pm i finished mine at 11 i was really stoned at this point thats why i did not noitce i was eating them so slowly i was like shit  its been an hour and just ate them with penut butter and some orange juice they were pertty much powder.  My friend was like we have to go and i was not really tripping yet which was a good thing because i had to drive us back to his dorm parking lot and i did not know the area at all which made it even worse. I though one of the lights for another lane was ours and had to ask him if it was or not then we got into the lot parked my car and walked into his place and put on a crazy mix of songs that was pretty much old rock and some newer rock it was 12 pm by the time i stared to get mild halucinations.  Like this no smoking sign in his room was reagranging the letters in smoking and sometimes the letters would even change. I looked at this one poster and i could not even tell what it was but the face on it were melty.  also his one poster above his black light was crazy it look like it had ropes holding it up and they were saying back and forth.  That was pretty much all i had but the mental part where my mind was raceing. for like an hour it was a good think i did not take them much because i had to kind of  watch my friend because of the amount he took.  But i was happy for the amount i took.  The only thing i did not like was driving it was scary i dont would say avoid it at all costs even with small amounts.

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