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1st trip crazyness

5-6g 9pm to 3am november

The time seemed right to do the trip i had just picked them up and brought them to my house.  Then picked up my friend at the dorms.  He was only doing a small amount so i wanted to out eat the amount he was doing so i just kept eating caps till i had a good bit down.  We were eating them in pudding. I though some music on and we started to walk and meet some other friends who were tripping .  Then as we meet them it all went wrong i statred to freak out and did not want to go any farther and had to go back to my place.  When i got into my room my trip was just begining.  I was so mad there was shit on my bed i just throguh it off and layed down i was burning up.  It was kind of like my trip on dxm but the really intense heat died down.  Then i watch my door to my room melt away. I could not believe that was happening and i was saying to my friend that there was nothing out side my room it was kind of  a lose of reality.  But not in the since i did not know i was there.  My friend walk right out the door to take a piss i remember saying you cant go out there nothing is tehre but then he came back.  Then i went right out the open door because i saw it as my only chance to take a piss i went out and to my bathroom which was close.  Then walked back in and he ask do u still believe there is nothing out side your room and i said yes as the door hand had melted its way back into the door. At that point i had remeber i had set up my lava lamp near this metal sign that said reality with a guys face and there were lines near his head to show excitment.  I watch the lava lamp and sign for what seemed like hours the stuff in the lava lamp seemed to be getting bigger and smaller as it went up and down as the word reality! was waving around as were the lines near the guys face.  i could have sworn the guy looked at me but i could not tell cause it only happened once.  The music was a problem i put on the alkaline trio for a bit but it was on repeat and i could not get up out of my bed i was stuck there on it and my friend by this point was listening to my mp3 player because he was sick of the music.  So i just decide to change views so i looked at my Rage against the macehine poster with the picture of a guys face on it and it had a striped black wihite and grey sheet behind it.  The face was out lined in yellow and looked to be flowing in a counter clockwise way on the out side and on the inner parts it was flowing clockwise also the sheet was melting into the wall.  I only looked up at my celling once during the time and it was all wavey because of the way it was painted.  Then after about a little coming down period where i was still seeing good visuals it just ended and i was so tired so i just passed out.  

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