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First Time Trippin'

ok, this is how my first trip on shrooms went.

ok, this is how my first trip on shrooms went. this was about two years ago, my friend and i got some shrooms through this kid at school, i have forgotten how much but it seemed like at least a quarter each. we chowed them down at about 7:00 at night or so with some pizza and orange juice. since i had never done anything outside weed before, i really didnt know what to expect. we sat on my couch and began watching waterworld (very trippy), the feelings came on really slow at first but then built up into a waterfall of haziness.
I remember the first time i realized i was messed up when the television screen all of a sudden went from how it is normally, to a bright green tint, then yellow and finally red. i asked my friend if he saw that and answered no. about 5 minutes later i really needed to take a piss so i got up and went into the bathroom.
i had forgotten that i had set up a black light in there to realy trip me out seeing that my blue and white tile floor glows when the light is on, i knew it would trip me out. it honestly felt like i was on the surface of the moon with the weightlessness and everything. the walls around me began to swell and shrink, breathe almost, the entire bathroom came alive. needless to say that scared the crap out of me so i ran out and into the kitchen. fate would have it so that once i escaped the living bathroom, i would end up in the kitchen where one of the light bulbs blew out when i turned it on. things started happening all night like that. after about another half an hour of looking at stuff and watching things move around by themselves, falling down became very fun. i honestly could not keep my balance enough to stand up straight and really got a kick out of falling onto the carpet.
the last thing i remember was i was sitting on my bed watching tv, and all of a sudden some old baseball trophies i had from when i was a kid came alive and started playing a game. the pitcher at the time (the division champ. trophy), looked at me and said, "hey, you wanna play?"
this was by far one of the best trips i have ever had due to the fact that i have not had any visuals so intense as i had that night.

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