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Peaceful and yet out of control.

A crazy night with some zoomers.

Well, I'll start off by saying I've taken a lot of shrooms in the last few years, I can't get enough of them. This was the first time I had done them since the time my roomate and I experimented with overly large amounts of shrooms (12 grams each, busted up in OJ.) This time I decided to take it easy as I was going to be tripping with a bunch of other friends that had never tried them before, I felt I needed to be a bit of a guide or if need be a wet blanket. I'd also like to add that I had been partying since thursday night without sleep, by the time I ate the mush I had been awake for about 50 hours. (lol.)

We ate them with Ms. Vickies Salt and Vinegar chips (very tasty, I liked them like this just as much as busted in OJ.) I bought a half for 5 people and another 2g for a 6th friend, and brought them to my buddies apartment. My friends girlfriend has done about as much mush as I have so we knew what to look for and what to prepare for in the event somebody started freaking out. We put up really trippy signs everywhere re-printed over history papers that said in big bold letters "Remeber you are on Mushrooms, be calm, relax and don't hurt yourself =)" We grabbed the Beatles (Sgt. Peppers) The Best of Bob Marley, and Tool's Undertow for music (all awsome choices if I do say so myself.) We started listening to the Beatles as everyone was coming up and it made for a really happy-go-lucky, drunkish high...

I noticed the carpet start to weave after about 40 minutes.. shadows were shifting after about an hour and I started to really see things after about one and a half or two hours. Two of my friends weren't feeling anything until about an hour and a half in so when I started staring down the walls and carpet they were a little scepticle- (People, don't be scepticle if someone gives you mush, don't fight the urge to trip either, it usually makes things worse for you in the end anyways, my number one rule for mush is go with the flow; if you feel you can trust yourself the mushrooms will take over and you will really enjoy yourself.)

It was interesting to see how our choices of music colored our highs. The Beatles were accompanied by washing colors, obscure yet happy looking hallucinations and kallidascopes on everything. Marley was a little different, we all felt very lethargic and adventurous at the same time... Tool was the most amazing thing I have ever heard on shrooms, and this is where I will go into great detail.

I have never experienced something so profound on shrooms before this. I was having trouble coping with the amount of cinicism going on in the living room so I moved off to the kitchen hallway (which was dark) with my friend Jean. Jean was wearing giant shades and sitting in the dark meditating (doing breathing excersizes, and tai-chi like arm movements.) Jean was attempting to reach into himself and do the whole spiritual aspect of mushrooms which I had told him so much about before. We spoke about how earthly and connected we felt, we also talked about past lives, reincarnation and the possibilities of higher powers or "more to life" It was all very phillosophical. A while later someone changed the CD to Undertow, and I didn't realize it at first but I was becoming exceedingly light-headed. I started to convulse uncontrollably and hit the floor, as I was falling I was seeing the most intense visuals of spirals and eyes. I was also seeing very dark, gorey images, and hellish creatures. I leaned my head up against the wall and closed my eyes and listened to the song Eulogy, I felt very much like I could put my head through the wall, it was pretty crazy to think about. After I was bored with the spiritual part (which was so intense I felt REALLY drained...) I made my way to the living room. Someone had turned off all the lights and I decided I didn't need my eyes anyways. Often when I have done mush I have noticed that my senses all wire together so strongly that I can hear with my ears plugged, and see with my eyes closed (sounds crazy but I'm sure some of you out there have felt this.) I collapsed on the couch in the dark and laid there motionless just riding the wave with my mind. I opened my eyes at one point and say my friend's Kramer painting and CD player had somehow morphed into a giant music-playing being of some sort. It was at this point I noticed the poster on the wall was singing Tool, VERY VERY vividly, and VERY intense. There was a lot more I could go into detail about, ask me if you wish but it was intense none the less.

I love mushrooms so much. God.


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