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First Mushroom Trip

"You know ur feeling it when u forgot u took them"

I don't have very many experiences with mushrooms because I tried around the time when I was starting to get out of drugs and continue with more important aspects of life. Don't get me wrong I have no problems with people who do drugs in fact most of the people I know are real hardcore heads and I tried LSD before I even got really truly drunk so don't try to tell me that I'm inexperienced with the whole drug culture.

So it all started one day around 4:00 in the afternoon when my friend had just come back from a vacation down in toronto. He called me over to his house on that warm summer day and told me that he had gone on a crazy drug binge while on vacation and had a few shrooms left over that I could just eat for free. He had previously told me stories about how he had eaten 11 grams to himself and saw clouds in the sky shooting out lighting all around him. I'm not sure how true this story is but it got me excited enough to want to try shrooms so when he called I basically run as fast as I could over to his house.

When I arrived, he had just gotten kicked out of his house so we walked a few paces away from the house before he handed me the bag which contained roughly three caps and a couple medium sized stems. He told me they where blue caps, the best stuff the T-dot had to offer and I would not be dissapointed. I instantly began to stuff the zoomies into my mouth one by one until we met up with one of his friends I had previously seen around school but never hung out with. He advised me to lick the bag's inside to get as much poison from the shrooms as I could. At first I thot he was joking but then after he offered to lick the bag for me, I licked it myself because I was hoping for a good first experience.

We started walking to someone else's house again someone I had met before but never really hung out with. It was probably an hour since I had first put the shrooms in my mouth, but i continued to chew them hoping something would happen soon. Walking down the road seemed more interesting then it normally did but I decided to ignore this and keep walking with my friend.

We finally got to a park and rolled a nice sized joint (enough to get 5 people stoned) and then a couple pinners for an after session. As I smoked the weed I started getting impatient with the shrooms. I looked at my watch and it read ten to six. I'm not too sure wat time exactly that I took the shrooms but I was expecting to have felt something by this time and just assumed they didn't work and enjoyed the buzz I recieved from the marijuana. Me and my friend left to go to my house cause we both had some munchies and my house was about 15 minutes away. I asked him why the shrooms weren't working and he told me some very wise words: " You know your feeling them when your not thinking about them anymore" That has since always been true.

I started to feel the shrooms at the worst time, when we entered my house. Both my parents where home, so I went upstairs to take a piss and hopefully have time to clear my head, but it only got crazier from there. As I took a piss and looked down at the yellow piss falling into the toilet, the white toilet bowl and seat eventually turned yellow.  The entire room quickly became an interesting yellow colour as well. The yellow walls then turned to a light brown colour and I noticed a big smile appear on my face when I looked at myself in the mirror. Damn I was so intersting to look at in the mirror. Totally undescribable I was euphoric. After 10 minutes I left the bathroom because I didn't want to make my parents or friend suspicious of me. My friend was in the kitchen getting food, but I was in no mood for food any more, I wanted to relax. I sat next to my little brother on the couch and where he was watching a show about ghosts. The music was a little creepy but sounded alot more interesting when on mushrooms. A thin purple mist was floating above the floor and seemed to match the theme of the show on TV perfectly. The walls remained a yellowish brown colour. I felt very relaxed but I probably looked insane in asked my friend if we could go to my friends house just to sit outside and have a couple smokes.

On the way to my other friends house, I looked around at all the nature which surrounded me. It was all very beautiful and had many different textures then it usually would. I remeber walking along a path with dead leaves on it, and as I looked down at the leaves they started to morph into some kind of triangle pattern. I could feel the grin on my face and I felt like some kind of gnome from a fairy tale. My friend talked the whole time about how cool shrooms where as he smoked a cigarette and I couldn't help but agree.

The rest of the night we spent at my other friend's house talking and smoking on his front step. The sun had since set and I was happy to look at his mom's garden being illuminated by some garden lights. It was very relaxing and peaceful. My friend told stories about Toronto and showed me how to blow smoke circles ( which where very trippy ), but most of the time I was thinking to myself contemplating the meaning of life and what not. Occasionally adding my own remarks to my friends conversation only to realise I had answered a few minutes too late and they where already on a new subject.

At 10 I was felling tired and unhappy because the shroom trip had ended. So I shared one last cigarette with a friend before going home to bed.

Thanks alot for letting me write about my first experience in this forum. There should be a section for other drug reports like LSD.  Anyway this is a cool site

Yours Truly

DJFUcx for the Effects U C 

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