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eh weakest link

weakest link

ok so this is like the 9th time i have done shrooms, it was a night i didnt plan on taking them i was plannign on getting drunk. and my friend came over with a quarter.. then another friend came with a quarter, then 4 more came with a little less than a quarter..lol but it all started out me and 4 friends planned on playing beer pong but then people kept calling asking iff them could come there and the person who owned the house said sure whatever.. these were strong shrooms, pretty good ones... well me and 3 of my friends went to go get a little under a quarter after like 5 people had half an ounce... and we got our little under a quarter split it among 4 people.. ate with some cheez its...

now this was after i had dranked 5 beers which isnt alot, but then i ate a gram of shrooms.. i didnt really feel anything for a while cuz i had small amounts of each.. but then my friend gave me another gram of shrooms.. and after like 30 min they hit me.... i didnt have any visuals really some things were shaking a little kinda lame.. Everyone else was saying they were tripping really hard and stuff.. but only 3 people had dranken out of the 7-9 that were there i dont actually kno how many..

So everyone was in the smallest room of the house and everyone was saying how each room in the house is like a different world and a different environment...which was true i knew what they were tlaking about..then me and a couple people decided to check out another room, well we went in that room and it sucked ass so we went back in the small room... 2 people that were sober played some more beer pong an 2 more that were tripping played some more..

the kid who owned the house started freaking out saying his mom was gonna come home and flip out and saying he had too many people over, everyone was ignoring him and then he started yelling... he said he was feeling sick and went to sleep, so we all left the little room for the kitcen and living room... one of my friends would get up out of a chair for like 2 hours and just sat there and played halo 2 on xbox live.. noone noticed him, he said he couldnt stand up.. at this point my head was kinda spinning i felt bad for the kid who owned the house cuz there was broken glass all over the floor and beer and stuff.. so me and 2 other kids cleaned up the best we could.. we kept using a broken vaccum not knowing it was broken.....

me and my friend ran outside to throw some beer cans away and all the trees were swaying and shaking, i looked at my hands and they were growing and shrinking she threw the beer cans nearby and thought we hurd someone yell at us (it was like 4 int he morning and noone yelled at us ) so we ran back to the house... me and my friend cleaned up the kitchen more while everyone passed out.. then i started watching tv and it was some show with like all the guys from jackass and they wuld like ruin eachothers lives.. and i started to think i was a dick for some reaosn cuz at first i thought i had done worse shit than that to some people.. but then i realized once i sobered up that wasnt true..

but this was the lamest story i have written yet, cuz i was the least i have tripped yet only like 2 grams and 5 beers.. but i hope to be doing a good amount soon and reporting back.. hope you guys injoyed the story

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