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shrooming gone bad

dont do this

Well I know many of you don't know this tale, many of you do.

A little back ground, I joined mycotopia in 2002, to learn how to grow mushrooms the right way. Going on the advice of many people I ordered my first syringe from PF, I got the PF classis strain. I got by first single rubbermaid bin, a case of jars, and I was off.

I got my first little flush in and ate the whole batch, I've heard that the pf strain was suposed to be a mind blower, but nothing really happened, I tripped somewhat but nothing to write home to mom about. Still none the less I grew these little brown rice cakes until they produced bigger nicer fruits on the second bunch. I had been saving all of the aborts in between flushes.

On sept 12 2002 I was sitting home with my dad and really just bored out of my mind. My mother was at work at a truck stop down the road. My father, well, he was really drunk on kentucky bourbon. I decided that my day was lame and boring so I figured I'd try these shrooms out again. I ate close to an eighth of aborts, and several medium sized fruits of the pf classic strain, second flush.

I gagged the fuckers down as fast as I could, chewing them up real nice. I was laying in my bed waiting for the effects to hit me, I started to get very cold. Shivering by now, I closed my eyes and started to see geometric patterns in my mind! They were like one of mushroom johns fractals! I was amazed, these were WAY STRONGER THAN LAST TIME,
I went out back and sat on a swing overlooking this nice little valley behind our old house. It was a very nice day outside, nice little ripples in the clouds. THE SKY WAS BREATHING!!!!! It had a tide effect like the ocean, the sky was changing colors, purples and blues, greens and oranges.

My mother keeps several humming bird feeders around the house during the summer time, the birds flock here to eat! As I was sitting in amazement watching the sky and the trees, humming birds were flying right up to my face and trying to communicate something to me, They were actually squeeking little bird squeeks to me. The birds knew I meant no harm to them and they weren't afraid of me at all. They were flying inches from my face, and swarming around me like butterflies!!! Or bees rather!!! It was amazing!!!!!
My dog "nub" kept coming up to me and wagging his tail all while looking me straight in the eyes! LIKE HE KNEW!! HE KNEW I WAS TRIPPING, JUST LIKE THE BIRDS!!!! They could sense it somehow!!

I started to get a bit paranoid for some reason that set me me off, I cant remember what it was, probably a neighbor or something. Anyways I told my dad that I was tripping, he was considering doing some with me, but declined. I went back into my bedroom and started watchin television, (wrong choice). The channel ended up on fox news.
If you'll remember sept 12 2002 was the day that George Bush went to the united nations to make his case against Saddam Huessien and Iraq, his case for war...sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif
I started watching him talk about bio weapons, and nerve agents, THREAT TO OUR SECURITY!!!! You remember...It fucking sent me overboard, I started to have a BAD BAD TRIP. I thought that the police were coming to the house to bust me for growing shrooms, I told dad, if the police come here, you dont know anything about whats in my closet!!!! He was like WTF and started freaking out, {remember he was drunk} LMAO
Then I started to hear the roaring of JET AIRPLANES outside bombing the surrounding conutry side! BOOM BOOM, dogs were barking, I seen plumes of smoke coming up from down the street. I was having bad auditory hallucinations, when a dog would bark, it would go Woof, woof, woof like an echo!!!
Then I hear GUN SHOTS ringing out everywhere! Echoing still! I could swear that a nuclear bomb had been dropped near by.
I was only wearing a pair of shorts, no shoes, no shirt, just a pair of chamo shorts. I ran outside to our side yard, which is like a grass field, to watch what I thought was the end of life itself I could still hear the bombing, and my skin felt as though it was being melted off by radiation from a nuclear blast!!! I had done prayed to god asking him to forgive me. I had fully accepted the fact that I was going to die and the world was coming to an end. COMPLETE EGO LOSS. I wanted to take advantage of the few seconds I was going to be alive, so I layed down face first in the grass, I felt as though my body was becoming one with the earth. I was melting into it!!!!!!! All of a sudden I hear a voice, STEPHEN, ARE YOU OK?. I look up and it was susan, a woman who lived across the street, she was walking her dog. She said "are you alright"? I jumped up, lookin at her now, probably with grass clippings all over me and I yelled at her... SUSAN I LOVE YOU GUYS, I'M SORRY!!!! I'LL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN, THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!!!! LMFAO.... She looked at me like I was a fucking retard. Shook her head and walked into her home...

I ran into my house, went up to my dad, and told him that we have to go see mom before the end of the world comes!!!! His drunk ass was like ok, lets go see her, {remember she is at work right now}.

So I hop in our family van, with my dad and I START DRIVING!!! In the mental state I was in, I could barely see myself, much less the road. So I handed the keys to my father and said come on dad you drive...{he was drunk as FUCK by this time. He started driving and I said to him, "Dad I'm a horrible person, I hate people because they arent white, THAT IS WRONG. He said I hate NIGGERS, FUCK EM in a drunken slurred voice. They bad vibes were pouring off of him, it was frightening how bad the energy felt, it physically hurt my skin and soul. We were on a country back road headed to see my mom by this time, THE ENERGY POURING OFF HIM BECAME UNBEARABLE. I thought that my father was the devil, he was pure EVIL and I had to get away from it as soon as possible. So I opened the door of the van and jumped out. We were going about 45 miles per hour. I was still only wearing a pair of shorts, no shoes, no shirt.

BAMMMM I hit the ground {shoeless} feet first. I gouged my shoulder and elbow to the bone, Feet were broken. I didnt feel the pain AT ALL. I jumped up immediately from the ground and proceeded to jump over this electric fence into a cow pasture. Bleeding, arms spread wide open, running through this feild, I hear the brakes on the van screech to a halt. Dad jumped out and started screaming for me to come back, STEPHEN GET BACK OVER HERE!!! He screamed!!!! So after a few minutes of running around the field I came back to where my dad was, behind the electric fence, near the road. WTF are you doing he said, R U NUTS? he asked....I grabbed the electric fence trying to get back over it, shocking the fuck out of me!!! ZAPPPPPPPPP.... I was bleeding bad, feet looked like softballs on my heels from the swelling. I got back in the van,

THE TRIP WAS STILL INTENSIFYING! The only thing I could think about was GOD. He was showing me the wrongs in myself! MONEY IS EVIL!!! god made me ponder this thought for what seemed like days...

Dad turned the van around, headed back to the house, I'm sittin there talking to myself, bleeding, no clothes on. dad was in shock!!! Then all of a sudden.... I JUMPED OUT AGAIN, this time r ran all the way home, on broken heels, and bleeding. Dad rode by me in the van for the mile long trip home. We arrived at the house, I'm standing out front looking that this little tree in our front yard. I could see the life force coming off of it. The GLOW..It was like a rainbow. Dad is tryin to pour straight alcohol on my gashes and wounds. I am smiling and repeating the same things over and over again, still thinking about GOD AND THE DEVIL, and MONEY, and how I am a HORRIBLE PERSON...

Three hours later I am still talking to myself, sitting in front of the tv this time, I had visions of me in a straight jacket at the NUT FARM, I thought I had permanently fucked up my brain. Talking to myself still, I was in a trance. The visuals were insane!!!!! Very LIQUID LIKE, sparkles everywhere in my vision. Beautiful!!!

All of a sudden, SNAP, I stopped tripping, just like that, done. I tried to stand up off of the recliner and I couldnt walk, my feet, OUCH they were broken, My ELBOW gashed to the bone, My ASS had a strawberry of ROADRASH from my ass cheeks to my knee, {from where I hit the pavement going 45 mph in thin shorts...

I walked into the kitchen and dad was sitting there holding his head, like he was stressin out. I said "DaD, did I jump out of the van. He said yea you stupid motherfucker!!!! I couldnt believe what had happened, it wasent real, like a dream or something...

I couldnt take a shit on a toilet because it hurt so bad to sit, I had to kinda lean my ass towards the toilet and aim for the hole, and just pray that I hit the bowl.

I couldnt walk for over a month because of my heels/feet.

I still have scars to this day from what had happened.

I have had bad trips ever since that day....

Moral of the story, dont watch tv and eat shrooms, esp fox news, use scales to weigh your dose, dont drive while on shrooms, or ride in a car for that matter, and never underestimate the power of second flush PF classic aborts...

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