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Second trip... mind bending/ depression

crazy night

So me and this girl were hanging out one night.. when my friend said he jsut got some shrooms and asked if i wanted any. So of course i said yes and he broght over about 5 g's for us. We fooled around first to get into a good mindset and fasted for most of the day. Then at about 830 we took 2.5 g's each.  At first i felt a little sick so i layed down on the couch for aobut ten minutes. then the nausau went away. ME  and her decided to turn the lights of and listen to some music in the dark with a few black lights on. So we jsut chilled on my bed for aobut 20 minutes

All of a sudden i'm looking at a poster and i realize it's starting to sort of breath growing bigger and smaller rythmicly. At which point i realize the trip is setting in. i ask the girl if she see's the same thing and she does.. So we chill on the bed watching to poster for a while and then we both sit up.. i look at her face and i dont' even recongizer her her whole face is completyly warping it was trippy as hell.


I decide that i wanna play some guitar which was the best idea i've ever had. i felt as if i could feel each not hitting me and it was bliss. the mother of pearl inlay started to look like it was flowing and the wood grain was like rivers. it was unbelievable. We then spent alot of time jsut talking and laughing our asses off at everything. AFter about and hour of this .. which felt lik it was 3 months.  time jsut completly stopped making sense i never had any idea of how much time was passing or what time even was!..


i eventually decided to leave my freind in the room while i travled outside.. i spent a good hour looking at the snow and the trees and the world was just soo beautifull. i was completly relaxed and every thing felt amazing i  had acheived a level of like inner peace with myselfe. after smoking about a whole pack of ciggarett's ( i found it impossible to put a ciggarette out it seemed as if it was part of my body so i chainsmoke thill it when out) although much of the time was just spent starting at the flame and it's beauty.

The first four hours continued on just like this amazing the best four hours of my life. this trip was way harder than the first trip whcih i only took 1.75 the difference was unveleivable.  however at about the 5th hour the trip took a real bad turn.. as the visual images began to stop my mind just accellerated to a million miles and hour. i suddenly realized that i had so many things to do and i became very stressed. i realized that the next day my rents would be home and i had basicly trashed my house. and soon the girl i was with began to feel verry bad and depressed as well. since it was just us we fed off of eachother and soon we were as miserable as we've ever been. laying in my bed hugging and crying a obut how much we hated our lives and ourself. soon the rapid fire thinking just overwhelmee my brain and i oculdn't handle it.. so i put on some comedy central and found kat stevens after hours show that was hilariouse and eventlully brought me out of my trip.


i watched it twice through and then decided i was still to amped up to sleep so we smoke a few bowls and passed out. the rest of the weekend everything seemed really weird and i was kinda depressed and tired. but hands down this was the most amazing expereince ever i learned alot about me and about the world....

doing them agian next weekend can't fucking wait

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