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1st Trip(Purple)

Date: 06.

Date: 06.25.02
Where: Gellis’s House
Time: 10:30 PM
It all started on the twenty-forth of June, a Thursday, at which two o’clock in the morning we departed to the cow pastures on our search for magic mushrooms. We searched for hours, walking through endless amount of cow manure and also mastering the art of jumping the barbwire fence. At the end of the night we had a huge zip lock freezer bag about half-full. The drive back home was filled with overtones of excitement as we had finally found the right type of mushrooms. Later that morning, around five o’clock Hippe decides to eat about 5 shrooms dipped in honey. As I slept, he called my cell phone around nine times and claimed that he was tripping hard. (although he’s a light weight)The next morning I woke up around 10:30 and listed to the incredible amount of messages that were left on my cell phone the night before. Just listening to the messages, I had the sudden urge to mix up a couple of shrooms in a shake. I convinced my brother to also drink a shake with me. Going by what Hippe said, I decided to throw in about 6 caps of average size. After waiting about an hour I still didn’t see any colors, or breathing for that matter. I just felt high and really giggly, needless to say my first time was a let down.Later that night around 10:30.......Hippe comes by in the Buick after delaying a while with his girlfriend, and finally picks my brother and I up. We arrive at Gellis’s and bring his blender upstairs and we start to mix up some fruit juice “special” shakes. As we did this I unpacked a couple of items that I had brought along with me. These items include a pillow, Dark Side of the Moon, Incense, and some funyuns. I mixed a lot of shrooms (around 12 caps) in some fruit juice protein shake with fresh strawberries. Sound good right? It was nasty foamy blue mush slush, and trust me, it did not go down easy. Everybody drank their mush-slush (Big B, Gellis, Hippe, my brother and me) Big B and I couldn’t finish our drinks. I was really disappointed with the two glasses that I had to drink, as I finished one with ease, and the second drink was not so easy so I finished only half of it. Everybody sat in front of Fantasia eyes wide open, laughing as their trips were creeping up on them. I just gave up on the drink, and laid on the ground as nausea started flowing through my stomach. The group decided it would be fun to go outside for a little while, still disappointed I joined them. When we got outside it just seemed to hit me like a brick wall. It seemed as if the street lights emitted a purple glow that would occasionally turn to shades of blue and yellow. The grass also had an interesting aspect to it, the longer I stared, it appeared as geometric patterns of snakes weaved through the soft night grass. The houses and cars glowed effervescently with multiple colors that were invisible to the “normal.” It appeared that everything I looked at had a great amount of pulsating energy flowing within itself. For a moment I thought that I was in some type of cartoon, possibly a high tech video game from the future. Stop signs and mailboxes glowed with a million colors and vibrated with an enormous amount of energy, occasionally swaying back and forth and “glitching” sometimes. This strange new world was too much for Big B, as right when we got outside he started to throw up, and I mean throw up. The smell was horrendous and I told him that you weren’t supposed to take the mushrooms with an abundance of food in your stomach, but Big B always eats and paid the price. We took a short walk around the block fascinated with this new world, staring at everything possible just commenting on how this is about the weirdest phenomenon that anyone had experienced in their entire life. Another thing I noted was that you don’t exactly think straight all the time when under the influence of this strange drug. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if we saw a cop, and what the hell we all would do, since it had been one in the morning and we were on an expedition around Gellis’s neighborhood.We headed back to Gellis’s house and continued up the stairs. I’ve walked up these stairs before, but once again, it was if I had never seen these stairs before. They moved and breathed as if they were alive. Complete darkness surrounded me and I would have to use my new senses to make it to the top. I could hear faint music in the distance, but it sounded like it was miles away. I walked and walked and walked. It seemed like the stairs went on for ever, and no matter how mush I reached out, I never would reach the top. I pulled my handy red lighter out and continued to light it. As the soft light filled the narrow, twisted corridor I saw Gellis in front of me, he just had this face filled with awe. Judging your sense of distance became an issue as the walls moved it was hard to tell how far they actually were. The black light glowed and made the experience quite profound. One thing that I noted was that it was really hard to stay in one room, everyone had the constant urge to explore the new world. I had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom, but for some reason I just stared at the top of the staircase knowing I would have to make the long haul downstairs. In the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror. For some reason or another it didn’t look like me, and a pale expression had engulfed my face, sometimes molding or stretching. I came out of the bathroom taking notice to Gellis and his drenched clothes. He immediately informed me that he had visited a different universe, and I soon put two and two together and figured out that he decided to take a swim in the pool. I found this funny, then pondered the thought of what the pool would be like while under the influence of mushrooms. Then I thought it would be a bad idea seeing how that his dad was sleeping in the very next room. I found it funny that at first Gellis was trying to keep everything down at first, but right when they kicked in nobody seemed to care, and be as loud as they wanted. I headed back upstairs to find my brother and Big B. My brother was constantly making claims that he had figured out many of life’s mysteries. I just sat down at the table and laughed. I stared at the table and couldn’t help but notice a glass pipe. This was Big B’s pipe and previously that night he bought 55$ worth of dank, but for some reason it wasn’t an issue. I didn’t come out saying that I wanted to smoke, but that I wanted to try and smoke. It took us a while to get downstairs, we went outside and sat down next to the air conditioning system. I inhaled the smoke for a long time, but when I blew out I couldn’t feel a damn thing. Just to let you know this is good stuff, and it usually makes you cough, but I just couldn’t feel it. After a couple of hits I got bored with it and just figured in this state of mind marijuana couldn’t affect anyone. So we went back inside, and laid down. As our trips began to wear off we talked about various subjects, it seemed that all of a sudden you could view a particular subject from numerous angles.Soon the effects were vague and fleeting and a feeling of exhaustion overcame my body. I slowly slipped into dream land, soon to wake up the next morning with a head full of memories from the night before.This was an incredible experience for us all, as it had been our first time on mushrooms. I would rate my trip around a level three, just next time I need to find a better way of downing the

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