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Second Trip

Still fun, bad trip, more learning...

Ok, I guess I can start this one like the last and state who we are and what were about.  We (3) are all 20, we're best friends, and I know that it may be the wrong reason to do them, but we do the shrooms for the fun experience.

Here it goes

So.  As before L, R and I wanted to do shrooms.  Before we had tried just under 3 grams.  This time we dared to step it up by half a gram. Or as most folk would know it as an eighth.  The plan was to go out and play in the snow in a slightly crowded area.  I guess that this was to test two of our reactions at the same time.  1) Seeing how we acted around people and if they could tell what the hell we were on.  And 2) to see how we handled the outdoors, because we had heard from a few people that the outdoors while tripping is a great time.  So we are on our way to this place that I will not name due to the level of privacy I like to maintain.  We add a new friend for our trip but he did not take part in the feast.  Someone needed to be our driver, and T was someone who was cool with what we were doing and could try to understand what we would be going through.

We made sure that before the trip we told T how we would be feeling, and how vulnerable we would be.  We went on to explain how to not make fun of us, or mention the bad three letter word (COP) and always watch out for us, and to make sure he knew what was going on around us at all time.  I know, I know, this sounds like a huge responsibility.  And now I regret having given him so much of a load to carry.

Our first mistake was that we were in a hurry.  This trip was all planned in about a day.  I kick myself in the ass for how little time we had to prepare.  In our hurry we also overlooked the fact that T's lack of experience with shrooms (he never even took them) royally fucked us, especially me.  T at first did a great job, and believe me I%u2019m not blaming him for my bad trip, I blame myself.  He made sure that we were safe, under the radar of any watchful eyes.  For the sake of this story let%u2019s just say that we went to a park to play in the snow.  A park where there were about 50 or so people and far enough spaced that we could stay away from them if we wanted and no one would turn a blind eye to our solitude.  T made sure that we were not getting too out of hand in our playing and to remind us that we were there mostly for the trip and to make sure we could handle having people around.

Our entrance into the trip started when we devoured our little stipes from heaven saving the meat, the caps, for last kind of as a dessert for the mind.  The first bad thing about this trip, as I mentioned before was the lack of organization, was the fact that we were not sure where this park was.  So we were driving around with the shrooms in our stomach already churning and squeezing every last bit of psilocin.  So we start to feel that same familiar feeling and T is still driving us around lost.  This did not bother us at first, but i think it was linked to my bad trip.  So finally we make it to the park and we are pretty well off.  L as I mentioned in my previous report is the whip-it king.  So he cracks all four of us a whip-it and we take it down all in a group.  It takes our trip up to a high level but nowhere near where it ended up because we had only downed our goods a little over a half an hour earlier.

So we enter the park to begin our playing.  It was fun.  Really fun at first.  I suggest to anyone who reads this to try playing in the snow in the sun.  It is awesome.  We were playing around and just throwing snowballs and shit.  When all of a sudden L started puking.  He apparently just had too much stimulus.  Think about it,  he had the cold air pounding him, the snow balls flying through the air, the screams of kids in the not so distance, and the food item in his stomach that he cant handle eating at all "mushrooms".  So he is sitting there puking T and I are huddled around him making sure that no one can really see him, b/c keep in mind we are 20 not 21 so someone might have thought we were shit faced.  R was out talking to some girls being the stud that he is.  I think That R just wanted to have fun because his last trip was terrible.  So we let him go with these girls who acted like they were stoned, so we figured it was, as far as getting caught goes.

R comes back to find L had got rid of all his Shrooms in his stomach.  T took L back to the car to recover and get out of the stimulating atmosphere.  They had to walk right past a large group of people who looked like they were watching us in a more peculiar manner.  This caused some discomfort in my mind.  But as soon as L and T were our of talking distance R and I went back to enjoying the fun the snow had to provide for us.  So me and R are sitting in the snow bullshitting about our trip and the girls he had met who apparently wanted his nuts.  When all of a sudden we hear this scream coming from around where L and T had just made their way to.  It sounded like "Could you get over hear" And then we looked and saw somebody from around that big group of people fall to the ground and everyone huddle around them.  Instantly I thought that they had stopped L and T and that L had dropped to the ground in a passing out or some kind of mental break down kind of result from his experience.  So me and R make our way o the crowd and find that L was not there and that the group was just piling on top of someone not L.  I see that L was not there and felt relief but then Noticed that everyone in the group was just staring at us.  Look at it from their point of view.  We walked right up to them as if we were gonna talk to them but then just played it off like it was nothing.

So at this time I decide that we just have to go to the car to find L and T, especially because I was becoming more and more afraid of this place away from home.  We make it back to the car and find T and L there just as normal as could be.  L was still very trippy though.  So then I ask that we leave because i didn't want the cops called on us.  I though that L and T had stopped to talk to those people. I know I said that 3 letter word COP.  So this sets off everybody in a discomfort.  At this time though I thought it was neat how the trees looked, I hadn't noticed them before.  But then I%u2019m back fixated on getting the hell out of there.  We leave, T drives.  The entire time I am worried as fuck about the COPs.  I ask T if we were in any danger of getting caught.  He replies with a statement that is still burnt into my head "I Don't Know." To me "I Don't Know" meant that he didn%u2019t know if he could outrun the cops fast enough to get home only to be caught by the awaiting police and therefore ruining my entire life.  "I don't know" was the most wrong thing that he could have said.

Needless to say we get back to around our neighborhood, and my buds all are assuring me that we are not in any danger.  I felt like a baby who had to be nurtured.  I eventually fell out of the mind set that I was in trouble when I got home(I live with my parents, I'm is school).  We stop at a local convenience store in a town on the way back home.  T goes in to get a drink and food.  L, R, & I all can't help but notice that some people are blasting Seal Paul in the car next to us.  It was soothing because they had a system.

So we make it back to our area and L announces that we have to go back to R's home like before so that we can finish out the rest of our trip.  L did not want to trip in a car.  R refuses and we end up sitting back a dark alley type road with the car off no music, the sound of the highway is near.  This is the part of the night where my trip hits its peak.  I know, I know, it sounds impossible that the trip is now at its peak after about an hour and half moving around pumping the psil through my body.  I notice that R's face starts to swirls and melt and blend.  His stubly goatee points in a circular motion and his eyebrows tie in knots with his goatee.  Fucking crazy.  Then I notice that the frozen dew on the windshield is acting as a prism.  I can see very color as depicted on that Floyd poster.  My sight is flush with reds, and pinks, and purples Oh the purples!, and greens, and whites, and blues, and orange.  All in a flashing manner.  It was insane.  R%u2019s face had changed with colors, the sky changed, the windows now resembled some sort of opaque laser show.  This is exactly the kind of reaction I was looking for (what can I say, I%u2019m not experienced enough to do shrooms for becoming more knowledgeable about my psyci).  It went on like this only for about 5 minutes, and because I liked it so much and I was having so much fun with the light show, it only seemed as if it lasted for about 30 seconds.  Kind of a disappointment.  But at least now I have something to look forward to.

The thing that really snapped me back to the reality I was capable of achieving was the fact that R felt bummed because he didn%u2019t think that he was tripping as much as I or L were.  I think that this might be due to the fact that R had smoked a few bowls before we started.  Maybe it had some sort of limiting effect of the shrooms.  Then L started talking about how uncomfortable he felt because he was upset that T was not in the experience with us.  I could see where he was coming from.  So to take our minds off anything bad we decided that we were going to go back to my home to finish the trip.  R didn%u2019t want to go back to his home because he had been there all day and didn%u2019t feel like seeing the same old shit again.  I knew that there was not going to be any one home at my home so I suggested that we go there.  I have some trip toys that could have helped.  We are on our way to my home and I forgot to call ahead just to make sure that no one was there.  As soon as I thought of this fact my phone rings. It%u2019s my Bro at home.  Instantly my heart began to pound because I felt as if there were no other option.  I asked him how things were going.  He said %u201Cpretty bad.%u201D  Instantly I%u2019m thrown into that same old feeling when we were leaving the park.  The fact that he said %u201Cpretty bad%u201D meant that there was something obviously wrong.  I didn%u2019t even hear what he had said when he told me how shitty his night was.  All I could see was that he was saying %u201Cpretty bad%u201D because those assholes from the park called the COPs got our plates and turned us in and that now the COPs were now waiting for us at my house with the swat team, army%u2026  The entire ride home I did not talk, I was so scared of what would be to come.  This is pretty hard for me to say but I had thoughts of suicide running through my mind.  I could only think of ruined my life would be if I were to be %u201Ctaken to the station.%u201D  Fucking COPs.  So I start running the scenarios through my mind.  I think that if I could only make it inside before the COPs tackle me, I might be able to get my hands on a knife or something that could inflict death.  Maybe take some of the COPs down with me.  Again, it really troubles me to say this kind of shit, because I think of myself as a pretty headstrong person.  Normally a person capable or reasonable thinking would not even pop this thought into their minds but obviously I was pretty fucked up.

By this time is about 11:00 at night.  I tell T, who is still driving, to go to my house but pass by the street I live on a few streets away.  This was to see if there were any COPs at my house.  Luckily there was no one home.  So we go inside my home and sit in my room just bullshitting when after only a few minutes my Bro showed up.  He had apparently left then cam back home.  So hurriedly I send everyone out of my room to go to R%u2019s house.  My Bro sees that everyone is in my room, smells R who naturally smells like pot.  He thinks that we are all smoking up in my room (that of which I assure you we weren%u2019t, I don%u2019t even smoke pot).  But at this point I would rather he think that I was smoking than tripping.  I tried to decide which one would sound cooler, ashamed I went with pot, not shrooms, sorry folks.  But luckily I never had to resort to explaining myself.

Eventually he leaves, I call L and R at R%u2019s home.  T left.  R and L come to see me, and make sure I didn%u2019t kill myself.  But as quickly as these thoughts had entered my mind, they were gone.  So needless to say I was over the COPs taking me in and taking out a few with me.  Thank God.

They get to my home we bullshit and I started talking craziness, like %u201CI don%u2019t think I can do this anymore guys.%u201D  They respect my thoughts and do not bust on me for thinking this, rather support me.  You know you have friends when you can share your self and they can take you seriously when you need it.  I%u2019m lucky to have friends like L and R.  So they stay a while to bulllshit, oddly we did not turn on the TV like we normally would have.  I didn%u2019t really feel like doing anything.  I think my mind had had enough shit in one night to last a week.

Eventually Like my Bro, R and L leave and I go to bed.  Last time I tripped, I did not even think about going to bed until well after the effects were gone.  This time I just wanted to be back to normal.  That is the thing that kind of sucks about all drugs.  There is no emergency stop button.  No way to turn off the effects if shit gets too deep.  I will develop that button for mankind.  So I go to bed, before hand chugging a 2 liter of water to try to flush anything out of my system so that I am normal in the morning.  I fall asleep and all is well.

Follow up.

No one died, again.  Almost anyway.  No one is really any different than before the shrooms.  I do study a little more because my bad trip has made me appreciate life a lot more.  The next day I didn%u2019t feel anything around noon, but I pissed every 5 seconds.  I had one bad ass pounding headache.  I downed probably 8 Tylenol the whole day.  As for future use.  I would definitely like to achieve the state of mind that is described as being a level 5 trip.  So maybe we will take 5 or 6 grams.  I will definitely be writing you back with that story.  Sorry but it may not be for a while, I need a break from this stuff for a little while.

Will be back in touch

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