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Very intense trip


Me and my friend went to downtown Vancouver and bought some shrooms at a trusted place. We both ate em with chocolate bars in an alley and proceeded to the beach even though it was raining. It only took about 15-20 minutes to kick in and when we got to the beach about 30min into it I knew the trip was gonna be nuts. I started trippin really bad. My speech was really messed up and I was getting really dizzy and felt like puking. I left my friend after a small arguement and walked to the street. I phoned a cab but I couldn't talk well enough for the dispatcher to understand where I was and he told me to phone another company. Well, that was the only cab # I knew so I got really paranoid and scared that I'd be stuck in the busy streets alone. I was having a hard time crossing the street because I was getting really confused. I managed to flag down a cab and that was a good feeling. When I got home I had to go straight to my bed. I wasn't able to open my eyes for an hour and a half due to the intense waveyness and moving of shit that wasnt supposed to be moving. While my eyes were closed I saw alot of visuals and lost sense of myself being concious. Lots of lights and colors and constant clashing of thoughts. I'm not a spiritual person but I saw the presence of God and the Devil and they were constantly battling against each other with my thoughts. I would see something good and then something evil would come and try to take over, and vice versa. Hard one to explain... Anyway, I began to be able to open my eyes after awhile and there was a plant on my balcony that I could see. It's blue normally, but this time it was white. It began to get darker and the branches started to curl down as if it was dying. Then as if it was coming back to life, it slowly returned to normal. Then it looked to be "breathing", aswell as all the other plants around the apartment. It was like I could see them producing oxygen. There were some people outside in the street and I heard a girl scream and it echoed like 5 times and then I started to think I was gonna die. I got up everything was moving weird and I could only think of horrible ways to end it and make it go away. I puked in the bathroom and then came back and sat on my bed. I felt my hair and it felt like it was incredibly long at one moment, then like there was almost nothing there the next. I was TRIPPIN LOL. This was the worst night of my life, but also the most interesting. After about 4 hours I started becoming more focused. I learned alot about all my insecurities and problems and visualized plans to manifest solutions for the neusances and complications of my life, aswell as for the people around me. It's been two days since I tripped out and I still feel like my awareness of little things that I normally don't pay attention to, or ignore, is still very elevated. That was a crazy night and I don't feel the need to do drugs again. The first couple times I ate shroomies wuz nuthin like this lol...

Jeff S.

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