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First Trip

Lots of fun, learning experience

So recently(a week ago) two friends and I tried mushrooms for the first time.  We had been wanting to do them for a while all of us but never really got the chance.

Just to let you all know, we are all 20 years old and best friends.  This might justify some of our actions.(don't worry we didn't turn gay)

So here goes

We started out by laying out our collection on a scale and divinding up our caps and stems by weight.  We each took our cut which was around 3 grams give or take a tenth.  we each noted that they surprisingly tasted exactly like regular mushrooms you would put on a pizza.  We then proceeded to take down our tiny caps of wonder and awe with a few sodas, seeing as how we are not used to the slightly unpleasent taste.  So we are in my buddy (who i'll call R) R's room and we decide that we will just sit around and listen to some Floyd until it starts to kick in.  L (my other adventurer) suggested that we listen to floyd as a kind of coaxing into the mindset.  So we're sitting in R's room waiting for the effect when after i'd say about twenty minutes we start to feel the first signs.  It is not powerful at, more like a slightly altered state of mind, we could still think normal and see everything as it normaly apeared but there was just something there in our heads that was more of a "happy" feeling.   So another ten minutes progress as our "happy" feeling keeps getting more and more intense.  At this time we are up and moving around just enjoying the almost drunken state.  (i really have no other reference to go by)   We all land on R's couch and are just sitting there bullshitting and telling each other how we felt.  We all felt as if this was the peak of our journey.  I i could imagine was this graph picture from erowid. It had a steep curve up, which identified the comeing up, a plateau, which signified the trip, and the slowly lowering, beeing the wearing off.  As i sat there and thought about this graph i thought for sure that i was at the plateau, needless to say, i was no where near where we ended up.  So another 10 mintues go by(about 1:00)  and we start norticing things like our general attitude towards the little things, things that people do every day like walking, sitting, seeing, all had a more stressed symbolism.  We were more aware that we were doing these things.  So this continues and we are all wondering when in the hell were we going to hit the peak because in our minds we were still climbing the big hill on the graph.  Finally arounf 1:30 I think, we hit the peak.  Colors of R's posters were so much more bright and vibrant.  They almost seemed fuzzy.  The carpet which was full of patern seemed to crawl beneath us. i remember sitting there staring at the floor at the peak of the trip and watching it as if there were a big army on the martch, and all the threads in the carpet were individual soldiers.  We get back onthe couch where R was sitting smokin a cigarette. and we notice the strobe light in his corner.  I get up to plug it in, and wow what an explosion of trippiness.  R relaxed back while L and I moved around the room in a dancing like fashion.  kind of reminds me now of a eccentric art person on speed.  After a few minutes though the strobe light lost its luster and we turned it off.  then cam the battle for heat.  in R's room it all of a sudden became cold, or at least we just became aware of it.  We pluged in his little heater and huddled around it and viewed it as if it was our mother and we were being nurtured bcak to tempurature.  As with the strobe it son lost its importance and we moved on to another toy.  It kind of seemed that the psilocybin brought out the ADD kid in all of us.  So then L being the nitrous oxide or NOS connoisseur that he is pulled out three little NOS tanks and baloons. I cracked them and we all enjoyed that boost of trip for about a minute.  Then as if pulled to the ground together we all lied onthe ground and put our heads together and just sat there looking at the patterns on the ceiling.  It was as if i were flying over the grand canyon and it went for miles.  Then we pulled pillows down onto the floor and layed beside each other, put of some floyd and watched a lava lamp for about a half an hour.  we sat there scratching each otheres heads.  it was as if i was scratching my head but i was not in control of my hand, pretty cool trip effect if you ask me.  The patterns i saw in the lava lamp i can not describe. but i'll try.  I remember L saying that he saw faces.  I can't remember what R said he saw, but i remember distinctively what i saw.  Shrooms.  Billions of shrooms each one more splendid than the previous.  Awesome.  So then we call L's cousin.  We left him a voice mail, i hope he got it.  He is like the person you go to for advise about anything pertaining to drugs.  I can't wait to hear those voice mails.  We left three in all throughout variouse parts of the night.  R got his camera and took a few pictures of us three lieing on the floor.  So at this time we notice that if we turn the light on it kind of brings us back to normal, not completely but deffinately a change.  We notice that everything that we do, we all have to do.  No one person could do something or the others would be left out.  Well this happened for R.  L and I we bullshitting about some motor function that we thought was neat or something and R broke down crying because we hadn't included him in our disscusion.  It wasn't like he was balling he was just sitting on the couch crying.  So this makes both me and L very worried, because we had learned fromthis very site from these reports that any bad thing could set us off into a bad trip, and a bad trip could result in many terrible things.  We really expunged a lot of energy into trying to lift R's spirits.  Apparently R had a bad day and got into a fight with his parents, so this had subconciousely lingered until something tiny set it off during the trip.  So after R was better, we went to his wall and we drew on it.  We drew each others names R drew mine and L's and so on.  We each had our own specific way of art.  Very fun.  At this point we relise that we were coming down and just wanted to sit around and look at the lava lamp.  So I had the idea to putthe lamp in the middle ofthe floor and lie down as we were before but this time with the lava lamp between our heads.  Again the patterns i can not even try to explain.  At this point its probably 4:00 in the morning and my sence of time starts comeing back to me.  I remember being concerned about how late it was then falling back into the trip.  We came down for about 3 hours until we felt safe enough to go home.  When L and I left R's house we saw the sky and it was beautiful.  We drove home to go back to our lives, that of which took a few hours.

In review we are all normal noone died, noone turned into a hippie, and we all still have our same livelihoods.  I'm glad to report that we will be doing shrooms again.  I will report back to you after that.

Will be back in touch.

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