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WTF happen

So here is my story...

So here is my shroom story from the other night. Well buddy and I were invited to go to my a house to shroom with 2 other friends. Its been a long time since I shroomed so I was kind of excited. This would be my 4th time shrooming and I had awesome experience all the other time. Well we took them around 5:30pm. We wanted to eat them a little before it went dark. We all took a 1/8 of dry shrooms. We started playing pool and just trying to have some fun. About 2 hours later I felt the body high really good. Its always the same for me. Confused at first, but really happy and lovin it later. I started thinking about stuff in my life. I started thinking about family, life, ect.  By then were started listening to music on my buddys big screen TV with his Xbox360. Its cool cus it had a bunch of colors and light. I really didn't like it cus it was depressing music. I really wasn't felling it. I decided to leave the room and go outside. Well about 2 and a half hours in, Thats when I started having my happy trip. I was feeling really happy and start laughing with myself. it was  great. I was outside looking at this really good view my buddy has at his house. My buddy I went with and the owner of the house were looking for our forth guy we shroomed with. He was missing. No one knew where he was and his car was gone. It was crazy. He didn't even tell us he has leaving. I guess he started having a bad trip and went home. I think It was worse when he got home. I really didn't know his problem but I was hoping he was okay. Well we were kind of worried about him but we decided to watch a movie. We watched Clerks2. I recommend to want that movie on shrooms.. it awesome!  Everything was going really good for me. So about 5 hours in, I started to coming down off the shroom feel. I really wished I took more. I started to play some counter-strike on the computer. When I started playing I heard a really really loud thump on the tile floor. The buddy I came with was walking to the bathroom and before he got there he passed out. No one see him fall, but everyone heard it. He must of fell like a tree. Well we rushed over to him and I knew he was kncoked out cold. At this point my good trip, went to a really bad trip. I started thinking he O. D. I thought I was next or something. I was really fucking scared. Then we tried waking him up. About 5 seconds later he started making the worse sound I ever heard. (understand that I'm shrooming so this shit is crazy and way more intense) You know that sound when ppl make when they get knocked out by someone. They go stiff and they make a sound.... Well thats the sound he made. About  10 seconds later he woke up. Rite before he woke up I was about to call the ambulance. I was just really scared for him. This guy is like my brother. When he woke up, he didn't know what was happening. He didn't know how he even got there. We told him he blacked out. When he saw our faces, he could tell we were scared shitless!  He ended up being okay. Just some scarches on his face and arm. Everything started coming back to him. He said before he pasted out he felt like he was dying. So he thought if he went to the bathroom, he would feel better. Well the rest of the night I was uncomfortable. I didn't want to walk cus I was scared that I was going to pass out. So I stayed on the couch. I didnt even want to sleep cus I was so freaked out. I love shrooms to the max. I think they help me in many ways but I don't know why my buddy past out and i'm really thinking of never doing them again cus of it.

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