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A Never Ending Path

...the path just kept going...

This would be my second trip. My first good one though. First time, me and a friend split an 8th. This time, me and 3 other friends split 3 8ths. (not sure what the grammage was)

So, it all started when me and 3 friends had the urge to "boom" together. Shrooms arent always the easiest things to get a hold of so it took a while to get them, and we got different 8ths from 3 different people. When the day came, i grounded the 3 8ths in my coffee grinder to a powder. I also added powdered ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon to help mask the taste. I dont know if youve ever heard of powdered shrooms and lemon juice, but from my research, i believe the specific acids inside the lemon juice break down the psilocybin into psilocin on contact so you end up ingesting the psychoactive chemical straight instead of letting it break down through metabolization. Plus my friends tried it a couple times and said that it really kicks the trip off quick. "Hits you in 20-30 minutes," they said. So after buying a little lemon juice container from king soopers, we put the powder (3/4 of an 8th each) into 4 different cups with about a shot or 2 of lemon juice in them.

At about 3:45 in the afternoon, we chugged that shit. The lemon juice + shroom taste was pretty crappy and the ginger/numteg/cinnamon addition didnt help too much. But regardless of the taste i was soon to find out that it's well worth the gagging.

We begin our walk to the state park reservoir and forest. This place is really interesting because its a natural landscape of trees and a bigass lake smackdab in the middle of an urban environment. The walk to this place however is about 30 minutes and its mostly right next to a very busy road. We didnt care though. As the 4 of us walked up, every 5 minutes or so i'd find myself beginning to wonder if the trip was starting or if these strange feelings were placebo/anticipation.

Once we got to the trailhead (4:15 pm), it fukkin hit me! It slammed me up against the park entrance sign and forced me to whip out a cigarette to watch the sun turn the ground a million different colors. This happened to all of us at almost the exact same time, and we couldnt stop laughing.  We all knew the same things were happening to each of us, we didnt have to say anything. At this point in the day, the sun is setting to the west somewhat above the Rockies and is a very very bright orange/yellow. Its a rare clear sky day, especially figuring that weve had almost nonstop snowfall for the past month (theres about 4 inches of VERY packed snow on the ground). It was the first day above freezing in a while as well. Sitting there with my cigarrette and with my buds, i knew that this was going to be a good trip.

Once we were done with our cigarrette, i looked at the time. HOLY SHIT, ITS 4:20!! We walked a ways down the path and found a good spot on it to smoke sum of our herb. Now, the time I spent sitting there and waiting for the bowl to be prepared, my mind was goin a million miles an hour. It took forever to get that bowl loaded. The snow that was relfecting the suns light was radiating loads of energy and brightness with an orange/yellow glow. The shadows on the other side of the snow crests were a deep bluish purple and it was beautiful. Im typically very skilled with intellectual/philosophical learning, and i was able to instantly begin trying to answer the question as to why i thought the shadows looked more impressive than the direct reflections. I discovered that in my life, i typically enjoy to be the a part of the background and rarely the center of attention. I was about to go even more in depth thinking before astounding joy hit me, "Lets Smoke this Weed, dude!" My friend yelled at me from afar, and i hadnt realised that i had strayed from the path we were on and away from the group.

After exhaling my last hit of weed from the pipe, i noticed that i hadnt felt any different but my visuals had been enhanced even more! We began to walk down the path and there were very strange ice formations in the snow that appeared to us as bubbles that were popping and oozing and boiling over each other when really it was just strange lighting from the texture of the snow. But it still looked fukkin insane!

After that, there was more walking down this path and even more stops to smoke a quick bowl. Lots of strange tangents and LOTS of hilarity to what we were doing. Non-stop laughter between the four of us, an overall very good bonding time as well. It seemed like it had been hours that we were walking on this path. We had been outside for what had seemed an eternity and it was beginning to get cold. The sun was setting and i could tell this meant that the awe-inspiring peak was beginning to end as well. The path we were on would have eventually landed us at the snowy beach and the frozen-over lake but we were tired of walking and getting nowhere. The environment never seemed to change though we walked for an hour and almost a half mile.

At about the tme we decided we would smoke another bowl before turning around, the strangest thing happened. Out of nowhere we see another person on the path further ahead walking towards us. This guy was walking his bike through the snow. WTF, i thought. Who the hell would be out with a bike when theres tons of snow and ice on the ground? I had to make sure and ask the other guys if they saw it too, just to make sure i wasnt hallucinating. They did, and we probably looked like the four most suspicious looking people ever. We stood there and waited for him to walk past us and we said hello to him. He didnt respond; he looked mexican so he possibly may not have spoken engligh. This was also another very trippy event that made me question reality. Once he had past, once again, we broke out in histerical laughter. And we smoked our bowl. It was nice.

We left the park at around 6 o'clock and we were once again walking by this very busy road. Intellectual/philosophical thoughts began to fill my head once again, especially since this was the first time we had reacted with society while on this trip. It was strange to think that theres thousands of people driving by, going about there everyday lives, while we were in our own reality, trippin' balls (not part of our everyday lives). My trip somewhat became reenhanced.

One thing i must add before i conclude, is that while walking by this busy busy road, i looked up to the sky in search of stars when something else caught my eye. There were large powerlines way above my head and as i was walking, instead of them looking like powerlines, they appeared to me as solid laser beams suspended in the sky. It was quite the trippy effect.

The rest of the night was very entertaining, and did not contain a comedown. Probably because we smoked so much weed. We raved out with glowsticks at our community clubhouse in the dark, and tripped ourselves out some more. Overall, it was a very comprehensive trip, and i only wish it lasted longer. By the end of the night i was thinking about the significance of how we never reached our destination because it seemed the pathway we were taking would never end. It's very thought provoking, eh? I give this trip an 8 out of 10. My first, which was a level 2 or even 1 maybe, was probably a 5 out of 10 . I definitely enjoyed this experience and im anxiously awaiting the next time i can trip again. This time, it will be at least one 8th though. And possibly, it will be my own grown shrooms. I plan on beginning to grow sometime soon, and i could use some pointers if anyone feels like offering. Ive done my research though so offer me information from your own experiences. U know, stuff that i wouldnt be able to  learn from the net on my own. Thank you and i hope this reading offered you some insight into the magical world of psychedelic mushrooms!!!!!

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