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A whole new perception and respect for the world

Borat, drums, intense thinking, new ways

So our normal pot dealer had just last month got some really good acid from maryland [that I missed out on :-(  ...], and I was updating frequently to see if he'd be getting any more.  By some miracle he'd acquired some pretty decent shrooms, and was selling them for 35 an 8th.  It was a bit pricey, but he's got them for 30 and needed to make a profit.  I got a cut and divided the dosage into halves.  I ate the first half and waited 10 mins to see if anything happened.  Something was going on, but I'd never done shrooms before so I didn't know want to expect, so I just ate the other half to make sure it was a good experience.  I went to wendy's with a couple of sober friends, about 30 minutes after eating them, and stared at shit when i wasn't laughing my ass off socializing.  Things started to get pretty out of hand (the menu's switched places, then back again and had slight blue/green outlines), so  we left and went to go see the movie Borat.

*Funny side thingy- This girl I know works at the movie theatres, and when I came in 50 mins into the movie to buy a ticket she decided to just let me in.  Unfortunately for me I had trouble realizing this and had to be ushered in by my sober friend, after staring at her confused as hell with money and my wallet in my hand.  When I got behind the corner she said "you must be so incredibly fucked up that it's not even funny" (I often come to the movie theatres after a good 3 or 4 bowls and she knows my habits).  Now I don't know if you've ever been there or not, but there are certain things that trigger an intense laughter that is uncontrollable, well that was one of those things.*

The hilarity that was brought on by Borat is beyond words.

But during the movie I became very distracted and the last hour or so I was just staring around the movie theatre.  In the row in front of me, these three blue beings were hovering about the seats with their arms out leaning in at me.  They shifted from looking like little kids to the Virgin Mary (which freaked me out, but I laughed because I'm not religious at all and saw the virgin mary, lol).  There were eyes with trails of flames swimming through the air all around me, and through the theatre.  People in the audience where jumping out of their seats and dancing towards us when I wasn't looking at them.  As soon as I looked down no one was there, this made me kinda freaked out but very laughy.  Throughout the movie I laughed more than I ever have in my entire life.  It may seem a bit recreational, but I love the movie experience and want to be a film director eventually after working the film industry, so it had a lot of personal value to me.

After Borat, I went home.  I was on the toliet, thinking that I had to shit but I didn't.  I then spent a good 20 minutes there in a dark bathroom just looking around at shit and wonder who the fuck I was or where the hell I was.  I just looked around at stuff and thought of every detail of my life.  I was really tripping hard and kept getting lost in thoughts (that were hard to think).   There was another distinct (rough approximately) 20 minute long period where  I just looked at all the shapes and shit morphing together.  All these black and white spirals and things warping, and SO MANY FACES ON EVERYTHING!  After I remembered what my life was and who I was, I went downstairs and sat down on the drum kit.

Now a drum set with a good 8th of shrooms is a primal combination.  Beats flow out of you, and you're creativity is boosted through the roof.  The feeling and atmosphere of the instrument is purely psychedelic.   My hearing was warped, and when i'd hit the toms they'd sound like they were hooked up to acoustic triggers with a flanger or phaser affect, but it sounded so organic.

After that I just sat down and put the headphones on and cranked up Zappa's "Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar" (all 3 albums).  I got so lost in the music and thought that I felt I was in another world.  I kept listening to it and listening until I had switched the tape around like 14 times and came down.

Overall, the trip wasn't as spiritual as I would have liked it to have been (but I didn't have the resources to do so and I feel i made the best out of it), however it was one hell of a learning experience and I thought so deeply about my family that it brough a new respect for them, and every person in my life.  After I thought about that I thought about the world and the way that they meet people and are affected and inspired by them.  I totally look at the world differently, and at everyone's contributions, and their character and whatnot.  It's a lot easier for me to see the good and bad in people now, and it taught me to respect everything that anyone has ever done for me a lot more than I had been.  I now look at music differently, since I immersed myself in it for the most intesne parts of my trip (I've never been able to not be totaly amazed by frank zappa or casually listen to him whenever his  music is playing anymore too).  The most profound outcome of my experience is the respect I have for my family.  Nowadays, I'd iike to think I respect what they do for me more often, and am far more aware of it, and try to repay them every chance I get.  There are times that I forget what I learned from my shrooms trip (and lose my temper, or anger my parents, etc.), but they are extremey rare, and I punish myself with a guilt trip everytime it happens.  I enjoyed my trip very much, and next time I dose I plan to eat half an oz, and have an intense spiritual journey with a friend of mine whom I've been talking about tripping with for a long time but have never had the abilities to actually do so.

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