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Hammy Nugget McPants

Poconos Shrooming(1st Time)

Well I am a freshmen in college and had never really had a chance to experience the power of mushrooms before until I met my roomate and 6 of my friends from college made the 2 hour drive to the poconos to stay in my roomates cabin and trip on shrooms one weekend during the fall. Since I goto school in New York City it was relaxing to be in nature with a half 1/8 of shrooms for myself and a half ounce of weed to share amongst all of us. Well the first night we were there I got shitfaced and high as I've ever been. Got a good night of sleep, woke up the next morning at 9:30 and had a budweiser and a bowl with my friend out on the porch in the cold weather which was relaxing although it was cold. As everyone started to wake up we were all ready to shroom that afternoon and have it carry over into the night. 6 of us ended up taking shrooms with myself taking half an 1/8. In about 45 minutes I started to feel as though everything around me was in a different focus. I smoked a bowl and decided to hang outside on the hammock on the deck and have a cigarette. Next thing I knew I was laughing to myself and staring up at the sky and thinking. After about 20 minutes of this my friend came outside after he had taken a full 1/8 and was telling me about the experience of looking at himself in the mirror. We started talking and we went exploring in the woods for a little bit and foudn this log with a light green moss all over it that was really interesting. When we got back on the deck we realized how crazy it was to not talk and listen to the silence of  everything around us because since we had been in school for 2 months in New York City we hadn't experienced anything like it in a while. The silence was crazy! It was an experience that I can't even describe. It was like trying to listen to something that wasn't there but knowing that something was out there. After doing this for about 10 minutes we went inside and got some paper to draw on. I decided to draw outside on the hammock and I just drew a doodle of an outline of what I realized looked like a chicken nugget. I know this sounds crazy but it gets better. I started to scribble some hair and a mouth and a hat on him and gave him a name...Hammy Nugget. I started talking to Hammy and he was a retired accountant who was really grumpy. He laughed like Jabberjaw(that stupid cartoon shark). After a while everyone came outside to see how my first shrooming experience was going and I showed them the drawing and they laughed. It was then I decided to add McPants to his name and he became Hammy Nugget McPants. After all of this we all cooked a giant feast while tripping with Ribs, Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese and lots of good food. The big bowl of macaroni started to bubble at me and I got scared. Before we all ate I remember myself lying on the floor of the house listening to Dub Side of the Moon that my friend had put on. It was an amazing experience to end my trip and it was probably the funniest experience I've ever had on any sort of drug.

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