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Delirium Trip

This was my first trip.

This was my first trip. I'm sure some of you can relate. My husbamd and i never tripped before. We like the high off weed and the euphoric feeling off ecstacy but, we never hallucinated before. Well, our wish was granted. we got together with a few friends and we got ahold of some shrooms. we all ate a handful. ( didn't taste bad so I thought I might not work lol) 45 min later everyone but me started to fill it. I was getting pissed because here I am in a roomful of trippers and I'm not. So, me and my husband went to sit on the porch smoke a cigerette to get things going. BOOM!!! It hit and it hit hard. It's around midnight and the colors were crazy the grass was purple the street lights were red and blue. He would talk to me and all I could hear was jibberish and sometimes He sounded like speedy gonzales. We were laughing our asses off. Then some lady was walking down the street and to her she was walking normal to me she was in fast forward mode with incredible tracers. A car pulled up across the street and I developed what I call vampire senses beause I could smell him and I could hear every word as if he was right there beside me. Well, we decided to go to our house 2 doors down and and I laid halfway on the couch watching the room in many different dimensions. Like it would go from long ways to narrow at one point the other end of the room was in front of my face. I had to go to the bathroom and I sat there looking at the floor ( blue marble) I could see through it and it would swirl around into cool patterns. Then I saw a water bug crawl across the floor ( seen when it rains) then it multiplied into an army of critters. I finally said this isn't real and went to the mirror. What I saw looking back was scary. My face had contorted into this lunatic looking person that I didn't recognize. I had this maddening grin on face and I couldn't stop laughing even though it scared me. I told my husband that I couldn't stay in this house and I ran out the door to my friends house where they are too tripping hard. I was freaked out. I said to them make this stop now. They all tried to calm me. I wasn't hysterical my mind was out of control at one point I thought I was in this trip permantally the body buzz was intense and I felt like throwing up. I told a friend to check on my husband that he was lost in the house somewhere boy, I was funny to them. I finally came off the paranoid feeling and the afterglow to affect and said to myself this was what I was waiting for allnight and it was unforgetable. The question still remains. Will I trip a again? "Definitely"

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