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First trip AMSTERDAM

The title says it all

Note: This first trip pre-dominantly BAD but I still considered it to be good once I overcame my fear of the situation.

Well it was the November of 2006 and I had started my trip around the world, travelling to many locations one of whom was AMSTERDAM. I was travelling alone but managed to make friends instantly at the hostel I was staying at - The Flying Pig Hostel. Prior to going to Amsterdam, I was well aware that weed was readily available but had no idea that magic mushrooms could also be bought. Anyways, on the second day my friends suggested we get some mushrooms. Usually before I consider trying a drug I will do some research into the effects both long term and short term (I had once considered ecstasy but after doing some research decided it just wasn't for me). However on that day I was just eager to try them knowing only that they make you hallucinate. I was not aware of ANY of the other effects which was probably what contributed to the bad trip. So went to buy the mushrooms, I bought the Mexicans and my friend bought the Hawains. We went back to the hostel and ate them downstairs at around 4pm... and so it began.

Trip 1 - Start (Mexican Mushrooms)

The BAD part

I ate half the box as the head shop guy had recommended and eagerly awaited the effects. One hour passed and I felt nothing and I made the MISTAKE some people make, I ate more. By now I had consumed nearly three quarters of the box. Without warning, it took effect. Shadows, patterns the general lighting of the room started to move. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by fear and anxiety as the visuals continued to get stronger. I felt fearfull of the situation because for the first time ever I could not control what I was seeing. I felt like I was not in control of the situation, like the drug had control over me and there was nothing I could do. I tried to convince myself that the visuals were due to the magic mushrooms and that it was going to be ok. But the more I did that, the more afraid I would get. The visuals continued to get even stronger. As I talked with those around me the people on the left hand side were moving really fast, like it a movie at x2 speed on a dvd whereas the people on the right hand side moved in slow motion, it was as if my brain was interpreting the signals sent from my left eye really quickly and the ones from my right really slowly, or at least that's what I told myself. I began to feel sea sick threw up 3 times (fortunately in a bin). It was at that point that I really wanted out. I tried closing my eyes but that just made it so much worse. I could still see visuals with my eyes closed! The dark blotches of green red and blue we normally see when we close our eyes became solid shapes with edges and they flew very slowly towards me, sort of like the windows screensaver where it looks like your travelling forward through space and you zoom past stars. My fear intensified when I realised there was no escape, I didn't know what was worse, having my eyes open or having them closed. My friends helped me by getting me a coke and an orange (apprently this kills the high faster). I then decided that I was just going to have to ride it out and let myself go. I was still feeling afraid and anxious but I started to resist it less and sort of just let the fear "take me". My friend then took me to my room and I went straight to my bunk bed.

The GOOD part

There I laid in my bunk bed just waiting for the effect to wear off. I began talking to all the room mates that were there. I talked and talked about what I was feeling and seeing to keep my mind of the fear I felt. After around half an hour just talking continuously I realised that I no longer felt scared. The visuals had not changed in strength (well everything was going normal speed now) but I no longer felt afraid to see them. I watched the patterns on the walls and began to laugh at them. It all seemed fine now and spent the next half an hour just looking at different patterns and laughing at them as they moved. I also found myself yawning a lot as well, and with each yawn I felt better. Whenever I yawned I also experienced what I like to call "time stretches". Whenever I yawned, I felt as if time stretched and I was yawning almost indefinitely. Feeling A LOT better I got down from by bunk bed to get a bottle of water. And then it happened, the CRAZIEST PART OF TRIP, something that is IMPOSSIBLE but it happened anyway (well it didn't happen in real life it was just in my head). As I climbed back up on to my bunk bed, the room went quiet and I turned around to see what had happened to my room mates. They were all frozen in there positions... time had come to a complete stand still. I continued to climb my bunk bed and they remained frozen, I felt as if I could walk anywhere I wanted without a single second in time passing. Finally, they returned into motion really quickly. It was truly an amazing sight to see time or my perception of time freeze like that.

Feeling better I decided I wanted to go for a walk. It felt so good getting some fresh air. As I walked, time would still stretch occasionally, or some sounds would stretch on for longer. For example, when I heard the bell of a distant clock tower, it sounded so crystal clear and at the same time the chimes would stretch. I headed back to the hostel where I laid with my friends in the chillout area. I spent the rest of the trip there. By then I felt so good, I felt the music, my surrounding environment and myself all merge into one. I felt like I was part of my surrounding, part of the music, like I had melted into surroundings. It felt really and I just laid there and closed my eyes, enjoying the rest of the trip.

Trip 2 (Ecuadorians) - BAD TRIP

I tried the Ecuadorians two days after my first trip. Once again due to my lack of knowledge it resulted in a bad trip, well more of an incovenience. Each type of mushroom at the headshop had a one word description on it's effect (apart from the hallucinations). The mexican had funny, the thai's had love and the ecuadorians had speed. I thought, yer why not. Little did I know how much of a difference there is between each type of mushroom. This time I took a lot less. Unfortunately, it was now 10:30pm and I had started to feel sleepy after I had taken them. I decided to go for a walk until the mushrooms kicked in. Soon the visuals began, a lot milder than my first trip because I had taken less. I went back to the hostel and wasn't really in the mood and decided I wanted to go to sleep. The visuals didn't really bother me this time, I mostly ignored them. However this time I could not stop thinking, it was like my brain was in overdrive mode. I would be thinking of one thing, and before I even finished thinking a different thought would pop into my mind. I could not stay still either no matter what I did. So there I laid thinking and fidgeting in bed for a complete 3 hours or so. I have no idea who could possibly like this type of mushroom, but the whole non-stop uncontrollable thinking was really annoying.

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