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First Crazy Trip

My first trip was great and bad at the same time.

My first trip was great and bad at the same time.  I was at my sister's house getting ready to go to a big family party which was being thrown by my brother.  These parties are always crazy, consisting of bands, kegs, the WHOLE family and complete strangers.  It was always just a bunch of hicks out in the middle of nowhere partying until they couldn't walk.  Well while I was at my sister's getting ready, she took me into her bedroom and handed me a bag.  I knew they were mushrooms, but didn't know how much was there or how much to take to get a good trip.  I know now there was an 1/8 in the bag and was good for two trips.  But at the time, all I knew was I wanted to trip balls and have a great time.  We were getting ready to go and I decided to go back home to get the rest of my stuff and help my parents and brother get ready.  It was about four when the parents decided to take a nap before the long night so I stayed out in the living room and watched tv.  I pulled the bag out and I ate all of them, and I knew it was going to be a great night for me as well.  They woke up at five and got ready to go, and at about quarter to five is when my trip started kicking in.  My mom knew just by telling how dilated my eyes were but didn't seem to give two shits.  We all got in the car and headed over, and I was keeping my trip well under control.  We got to the party and I couldn't believe my eyes; all the swirls and morphing objects just totally blew my mind.  The band started playing their heavy music with fire and a little moshpit started so I had to join.  I got right in there and went crazy.  Little did I know, it was all in my head and I was making a total idiot of myself.  Well the rest of the night was downhill, not knowing where I was, who I was or where I was going.  When the trip finally ended and I was awaking from it, I literally thought that I was dieing and going into Heaven.  But I woke up in my uncle's trailer with a few family members being very disappointed and I let them all down. 

After that trip I got a little educated on them and learned how and where to trip with who.  My sister continued to trip with me and I learned to just go with the trip and see what comes to me.  And for all of you who are reading this, PINK FLOYD is great on shrooms.  They take you in a whole new universe and holy hell, it is undescribable.  But that first trip stays in my mind and I couldn't believe that I couldn't handle something that is so great and so easy to control.

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