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First Time..Utter Insanity

First time doing shrooms..a lot of shrooms

Alright, so its a bit of a long story, pretty damn crazy trip though.

So myself and 2 of my buddies had planned to get a quarter O of shrooms  to do on the last day before chrstmas break at school. So we get ahold of our shrooms, then head to one of my buddies girlfriends house because she was away in florida and he has a key to the house. So we getth ere ivide our shrooms up between the 3 of us, which ended up being a bout 4-6 grams each. We do our various things to eat them without gagging, including putting them on hamburgers and on waffles (which I wouldnt do, they taste worse on waffles). So we just sat around waiting for the shrooms to kick in. We waited about 30-45 mins and we started getting tingly. I cant spek for my friends but my back started to ache a lot, and I my stomach felt really weird (Gutrot). So we decided to head back to the school to get our stuff and go to the Christmas Assembly. Well as we were walking we all stared getting really hyper and once I got to the school I began to trip out a bit. next is an account of what I saw.

First my I was talking to my friend wishing her Merrt Christmas when her eye started sliding down the side of her face, which i thought was funny for some reason. Then her face turned the same colour as her shirt, which was bright orange. I decided Id had enough of seeing that so I started walking. While I was walking the slower I walked, the harder I tripped out. The walls started closing in, the lockers slid up and down the walls, the pillars in our school began turning into the thigns you see outside of a barber shop. decided to start walking faster. which helped a lot, but I needed to get outside, everything felt like it was really close to me. I had a random freak out on some kid fr walking to close to me. then ran out the back doors of our school into some prett damn chilly air, onc ei got out there everything turned ridiculously bright colours and things started turning into candy. Everytime i took my hands out of my pockets I felt like I was going to fly away, the hairs on my arm were standing up and looking like purple screwes drilling into my arm and t her was candy everywhere, I couldnt get away from it. I suddenly decided that i needed to get as far away from the school as I could, but I was to afraid to go back into the school. So i sent my sober friends to get my jacket and my backpack frommy locker. While they were gone I kept rambling on about needing to go somewhere safe and away from the candy. Finally ater wht felt lke 2 hours, which was only 20 minutes they arrived with my jacket, which i put on really fast along with my bag. Strangely once I got my jacket on I felt safe and unafraid. We decided to leave when people actually started bringing me candy and I freaked out and started chasing after them.

We headed back to my buddies g/f's house and sat there. On the way there we were alright, but once we got outside the house the christmas lights looked like they were flood lights they were so bright (even though they werent on). By this time we were laughing uncontrollably and I had the attention span of a goldfish. We sat down on his leather couch and i started sinking into it. My body kept jerking into weird contored spasms for briefs seconds and then stop. We eventually went up stairs nd just sat there tripping out. my frien tried to write an essay, but gave up because he couldnt focus ad the computer kept giving him an error, but he ept forgeting about it. Eventuallymy 3rd friend showed up and he was angry becaus his g/f was mad at him. Meanwhile 2 of us were sitting upstairs laughing uncontrollably at absolutelynothing. We trid to eat bread, but we couldnt stop chewing it. even when it was gone and we had swallowe dit all, it felt like it was still there. We later found out we were chewing our tongues.

As we started to come down we started getting really confused and frustrated trying to explain what was going on. WE had a stupid experience walking in and out of the same rooms for like 30 minutes because we kept thinking we wre in a different place everytime. Eventually we got frustrated with each other and went to seperate rooms. But we could ehar each othe, so we just kept laughing. I had the feeling I was huge and everything was tiny. Which it wasnt, but the house was small so it felt t hat way.

Eventually we came off and got our senses back and came to the conclusion that nothing gets done on shrooms. We were sore everywhere and extremely tired. But all in all i'd have to say it was a pretty sweet trip.

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