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I want to die

I want to die

Ive been tripping for maybe 6 hours now.. it feels like days.. every minute feel like three hours. im writing this now becuase I know that i will never be able to descrivve this again/  my fucking house is trashed. i renamed some kid here whose name was brett.. i called him dewberry for lije 3 hours or something and then i kicked him out becuase he was pissing me off and i kicked kevin out cause he was pissing me offf then i called everyone and bethy came obver and now she left and all i know is i want to die, ive always thought about killing myself but shrooms really fucking opened up my eyes and all i want to do is die. im not overly emotional or anything shit like that but right now i want to die... this is my first time on shrroms and man it has been a fucking trip. you cant decriber it unless youve been there and people when we say "trip" we fucking mean it it feel like im not me and i can just read my thoughts and pick me apart as if i dont exit. time doenst fucking exist. i feel as if my life never happened and the only thing that exists is what is here right now in this room and the fact that typing feels so damn cool.. and i hope i can reach some of you that if you ever thought about killing yourself sober, dont take shrooms becuase i dont think im going to last the night.. my life is pathetic..

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