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tripping again

finnaly got my hands on some shroom

so where i live has been dry on shrooms for a month, but more are in stock and im back on track baby... me and my friend just bought a eigth of shrooms and smoked like 3 hits each of a roach.....hopefullly these are strong becuase this is the first time i have done shrooms without a good amount of weed.

well we ingested the shrooms with a ginger cookie and smoked a tiny bit then we walked to get some more weed and food at the gasstation.. then my brothers friend drove us home.. and i got home and im writing this right now.... now...... now me and my friend are here triping balls listenening to dj screw the maker of chopped and screwed rap music...... and the song is crazy dude....... now common just came on random and it chilled us out... i have no visualys from these shrooms yet... i mean they are pretty weak but the come up from them gave both me and my friend an extreme burst of happiness....... but now im higighh and happyy we just msoked a joint with some shroom dust...we took the shrooms bout 45 min ago.. maybe we havnt reached the peak? maybe not? ok so right now this is like 2 hours after i took the shrooms and i jus had awsome shit happen....my bruce lee poster was breathing i was playing this crazy game we susspect was made by the army and now were about to go look at the stars and smoke a joint...i relized this trip was more phycological than visual... i felt alot of weird shit and didnt have many visuals except for a few walls breathing and me forgetting where i was....most of what i was feeling was in my head

ok so this is the morning after now and i realized i had a fun trip and fun shit happened....

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