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I totally wasn't prepared for this..

My trip:

I don't mean this to start off in an incredibly bland and uninteresting way, but I had the day off work and felt eager to do something. I'd woken up around 10:30am - 11:00am and gone on MSN. Starting up a conversation regarding my friends display picture (it was lines of Coke being snorted and they were spelt out "HAPPY NEW YEAR"), we'd become engaged in a conversation about drugs. I was 17 at the time and had only really done weed, alcohol and those BZP "herbal" highs.

Through talking to this friend for quite some time (about maybe an hour or so), I became interested in hallucinogenic drugs. The opportunity rose up for me to buy a bag of mushrooms off of him, that day, for $30. It was payday and I had nothing else to do, so I gave him my address and dropped them off.

He dropped the bag off and I quickly began eating them. They tasted foul and noone had been shopping that day, so the only thing I had to douse them in was seafood sauce. So I did and it tasted slightly better. After eating maybe 30 or 40, I sat back and wondered to myself if they were actually magic mushrooms, or did I just get conned by a mate. Thinking this over, I decided to eat more and more and more of them, until i'd eaten around 3/4 of the bag.

Sitting back, I started to feel a little dazed. Laughing at Dr.Phil on the TV and wondering when this shit would kick in. I closed my eyes and started imagining this neon tunnel twisting and turning. Was feeling great. I opened my eyes and a rush of intensity (I thought it was a giant black eagle) went straight through me. Sitting back dazed, I was just like "oh what the fuck have I done haha"

Looking around my room, everything seemed to have a new and different tinge on it. A poster on my ceiling of the movie "Boogeyman" had turned into this giant eye and I couldn't get my blanket on me properly. Seeing as my room is seperate from my house, I decided to wander to my house to talk to my parents. They'd been punks back in the 70's and had quite a bit of experience with drugs and things like that. I walked in and just cracked up laughing at a joke my Mum had made. She looked at me and started asking if I was okay. I told them I was "fucked as on party pills" - They didn't believe me.

I made myself some Microwave popcorn and every kernal that I heard, it felt like the kernals were exploding in my head and I could hear them bouncing off my skull. Went back into my room with some popcorn, sat down and started to eat. Mum walks into my room and for some reason I thought she was walking the dog down to our old neighbours house from like 13yrs ago. She looked at me and asked if i'd done anything and I denied it. Kept saying it was those party pills.

Once my Mum & Dad left to drop my Mum off at work, I came inside the house and sat down on the comp. I thought I was all cool and shit so I was telling everyone how buzzed I was on mushrooms and shit. Everytime I kept looking out the window, I could see Odin on this giant horse with a spear and an army galloping behind him. I thought it was fucking hilarious because everytime I looked at them they stopped, but when I looked away they kept galloping.

Went into the lounge and sat on the couch next to my dog. Except that it wasn't my dog. Everytime I looked at him he kept changing into different breeds of dogs. I told him to stop and I heard a door close. Turned to him and he told me "Lily's home" (Lily is my sisters name) - Buzzing the fuck out, I jumped behind the couch as she walked into the room. Then I slowly came up and looked around and started laughing. Telling her what I was on, she nearly pissed herself and we went and sat in here room.

I lay down on her bed and she got me a glass of water. It seemed like she'd been away for fucking ages, but it was like 20 seconds. Then when she came back into the room, she started to jump all around the walls.  By now it was getting really insane.

Breathing was like the most amazing feeling ever, and I could feel myself breathing outside my body, while seeing the soundwaves emerging through the speakers on the TV. A hot water bottle with a blanket on top of it was on her chair, but I had kept thinking it was this frog and we had a discussion about Andrew W.K hahaha.

Bored, I decided to go into my room and chill out. Lying there I started twitching uncontrollably and my mind was racing at like, a million miles an hour. I was sweating, I was nervous, I kept thinking my hair had fallen out.. It was insane. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror, and my pupils were like saucers. I had no hair and was about 30yrs older, and I could see small black creatures running up and all over my wall.

I then started to think about death and shit. How I could never ever escape the feeling I was currently experiencing, not even when I die and go to hell. A demonic goat head with bleeding eyes staring back at me in the mirror was telling me about how everyone had forsaken me and wanted me dead, and how this is what true insanity felt like. I was going crazy because people were laughing at me (because there was an audience on TV laughing) and I could hear faint whispers and screams.

I ran out of my room as fast as I could, and sat in my lounge. By this time my Dad was home and I confessed everything. He said he'd known I was on something like LSD or whatever and said it was alright, said that he'd done it too and everything was okay...but I was tuned out and focussing on the TV. A lady on the TV had turned, pointed at me and went "FUCK YOU" - So I went and tried to get some sleep in my Mum & Dad's room.

Lying there in the dark trying to focus on a small tv while my vision was blurred was hard. My cat was sleeping next to me, but everytime I pet it I kept thinking it was telling me off and kept calling me names and shit. I thought i'd be like this forever, some burned out junkie and i'm only 17. I closed my eyes and started thinking about Death and how I had failed everyone and whatever. It was like I was falling down a giant crater while the same Goat head kept going "you are nothing" and I could hear the laughter of everyone that i'd ever known following me down the hole.

Eventually i'd gotten to sleep, and woke up several hours later being dazed, confused and exhausted. I stayed up and watched TV in my lounge for the entire night, in fear that in my room i'd have a relapse and go berserk again.

My lesson learnt was everything in moderation, and don't decide to trip by yourself. Do it with friends and in a comfortable place. (If) I next decide to trip, i'll trip with my best friends and make sure that atleast two are sober so they can be a beacon of help if/when something or someone fucks up.

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