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space crazy

July 4th, 2002, Independence day.

July 4th, 2002, Independence day. I had just smoked up with a friend at the local pool. When he left, I thought I was done with drugs for the day... but then my phone rang. A nice young man called me to let me know he picked up a quarter of shrooms and wanted to get rid of them. I had no money, so I asked if I could just pay him back. He said yes so with pleasure, I accepted his delightful offer.

After work that night, I took the quarter to a friends house where it actually weighed out to 9 grams even. His dad was home... so we decided to only eat half of what we had. We were very impatient, so about 20 minutes later we each ate the remainder of our space crazy. The fun was about to begin.

In five minutes, we started to argue. It was one of the best arguements I've ever had. To bad I don't remember what it ws about... Jesus or something... anyway, we both kind of just stopped talking at the same time. Then I realized I was no longer on earth. I think I may have been on the moon. I don't realy remember. Words and memories flashed in front of me. Questions... so many questions were running through my mind. Why are we here? Why do we live? What is the purpose? It finally dawned on me, there is, was, and never will be an answer. I had lost all grip on the present, but was enlightened and thankful for the experience.

His room was set up perfectly for tripping: two black lights, lava lamp, comfortable bed, cable TV and of course... a window to smoke out of. When we came back to earth, we used all of those luxuries. I remember nothing until we got outside to my car. I was so incredibly happy in my car. Weezer came on the radio to make things better. The bud we smoked seamed to jump-start our trips once again, because when we went inside, all hell broke loose.

It was as if this terrible drug had waited for me to walk inside to kick me in the ass. When we opened the door, the floor opened up but quickly closed. "Just hallucinations" I told myself. His dad was home so we had to be careful. I followed him to his staircase that I had climbed so many times before. But this... this was a diffrent staircase. The best way to describe it would be a never ending escalator from hell. When I finally reached the top, his do licked my leg and scared the living fuck out of me. Even when I looked down and saw his dog wagging her little tail, she was a very different doggy tonight. She changed from a cat to a rat to a baby kangeroo and finally to a weasel... an evil weasel. I got away frmed the cursed animal and settled nicely in my sleeping quarters. The last thing I remembered was being in the carnival with a dead clown before I woke up in the morning, feeling very, very tired.

To sum it all up, I would go far enough as to call that the best experience of my life. But I urge you people, don't abuse this beautiful drug. I feel as if it is a disaster waiting to happen to me and one day I will regret how I go about using this fungi. Thank you for your time, goodnight.

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