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The twilight zone

what's that road sign up ahead!?!

This trip started when me and my friend decided to eat an 1/8th together last summer. This was my 5th time tripping and my 4th on mushrooms within only a 6 month span. i figured my tollerance to mushrooms would have gone up over this time especially since i was smoking well over a quarter ounce of hash each week. This trip begins with my friend and i each taking several knife rips of hash equal to about 1/4 gram for each of us. we decided it was best to chill for a while and enjoy the hash for about twenty minutes. After that short break we downed our mushrooms, my bag consisted of 3 full mushrooms, a kind which i've not been able to identify either. on the come up i started to feel nervous almost immediately and i would say that i was 'tripping' about 5 minutes later. we went outside to enjoy the summer morning and look at the clouds. at first i figured the clouds were a bust to look at until they started morphing into dragons and flying around waving at me. that was the high point of the trip for me as it quickly went south after this. soon i thought i was melting, the body high was that intense. a chainsaw noice started roaring in my head and lasted until 4 hours later. after i had had enough of the trees in my friends backyard yelling at me in gibberish i felt like lying down inside. we put on some piper at the gates of dawn and listened to that for about 4 minutes. to me those 4 minutes might as well have been years. during the one song we managed to play the room took on a new look. instead of being a normal room with a fan it had an evil fan trying to eat me swinging all around the room. at this point i figured that a change in music was needed. that turned out to be a chore as controlling an ipod while tripping balls is not as easy as i had once thought it to be. once the new song started playing a rather loud voice in my head started saying "open your eyes" over and over. well my eyes were open but i was thinking that instead of eyes it ment mind so i tried my best. well i succeeded in opening my "eyes". right before me a giant eyeball appeared on the wall and started blinking. when it blinked it kept saying "open your eyes!". this lasted for another couple of minutes until i decided to get up. at this point everything in the room was covered in white with wonderbread polkadots. in an effort to calm me down my friend suggested watching tv, family guy at that. this proved to be much less helpful as it quickly spiraled to a point where i could not even see the show as the part of the room with the tv sort of morphed into kind of an annoying sound. thats right i was seeing an annoying sound. starting at about that moment i could taste ideas in my head so any idea i had i would taste it to see if i wanted to do that. that new found ability would soon prove handy as a popular 50's tv show took over my life for the next hour or two along with everything being in a wierd resident evil type camera position(my vision was third person fixed camera for each room we went into. a demension of mind is right for sure. the theme song and opening sequence of the twilight zone played out before my eyes. me and my friend were now characters in a twilight zone episode. rod sterling even made an appearance as he gave his intro into what this episode was about. my vision quickly swerved 90 degrees to see a real looking rod sterling talking to me. this episode was apparently about two boys who broke a rule and ended up in the 4th demension which apparently is timeless because we were stuck in an eternity wondering a maze fighting monsters or something. to defeat each one i was 'test' out ideas by tasting them! on top of that i experienced the death of my ego and a complete loss of color vision, taste, feeling, smell, and nearly the only thing i could hear was auditory hallucinations. me and my friend did what anyone in a similar situation would do, we looked for a way out testing walls, saying magic phrases, and of course saying how sorry we were for breaking the rule. the episode finally ended with us staying lost forever but i was still frying. i could not percieve distance as each room or place we went would look dramatically smaller or bigger than it actually was. by this i mean a total change in the room. imagine walking into your bedroom and when you open the door you are a room hundreds of feet long and you can go anywhere in it touch and sense anything in it even though you are in your bedroom. after that my friend at this point was a clown and we were sitting in a room that kept getting smaller and smaller with blackness taking over the margins. my field of vision turned totally black as the room got smaller and smaller in my vision until finally it was invisible. at that precise moment a huge explosion sound happened in my head along with a cool visual. i refer to that moment as blowing my mind because that is what appeared to have happened. the actually events of the last couple of hours played back in my head like fastforward on a vcr but much faster lasting only a few seconds. apparently we had been walking around the neighborhood for quite a while and my friend had not clue i was tripping as hard as i was. i had no clue where or who i was when i came to. what i described was just the interesting and extreme parts. there were patterns on carpet for 4 hours after i had come way down as well as there being plenty of objects morphing into other objects or into sounds or disappearing and me just feeling their presence throughout the trip. by far my most epic trip even though it only lasted 4 hours before i was at about threshhold for another couple of hours.

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