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best shrooms ive done


Ok so this was like a month and a half ago but they were the best shrooms i have done yet.... so me and my three best friends acquired some shrooms from out of town... we didnt know there sttrength or anything about them... and  so im going to labeled my friends A C and M....

My friend A got 2 eigths of shrooms from him sisters friends and me and A C and M took them we were at C's house and noone was there except us... so we took them and it took a very very long time to kick in.. probably about an hour and like 20 min... but once it did my head was spinning.. the first signs were my vision looked like the rage mode in the game farcry. everything was kinda blurry and i looked at the wall and it started shaking then my friend kept changing the channels through some of the weirdest shit i have ever seen and half of it was freaking me out... i looked at the tv and saw two eyeballs bouncing up and down and a little midgets singing.. i started looking straight down not to look at it and then i looked over and theres these big stuffed animal snakes that were on the wall to my left...

i started staring at them and it looked like they were moving towards me and i was like damn thats fuvckin awsome..... and then i was like " guys i bet it looks so cool outside" and i look outside and all the trees looked like they were growing bigger and i couldnt see the tops of them and then i looked at the sky and the stars were spinnign in a circle.... that was the best part... so then i came back inside sat on the couch and looked at my friend A and his face like was slightly  morphing like in fear and loathing in las vegas when he checks into the hotel...it was kinda like that. above the tv infront of me was like a dinosaur action figure andd it looked like it moved its head back and forth and i started laughing.. ii got up and listened to the song blame it on the dro by young dro and it sounded fucking amazing and then i started coming down and we smoked a joint and passed out


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