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reliving life

somehow.. somekind of codeine tripp

well to start off i am not an experienced tripper up until now.. somehow, something, or somebody put something in this...

well about a few weeks about on a sunday, i dont remember the exact date but me and a few friends set out for an adventure. they get their usual pot/budd and i sit there and watch them all get high.. im not too big into drugs because awhile back i tried pot for my first time and i didnt like it one bit, i was afraid to try anything else for while but feelings fade and the curiosity grows for more experiences! So i got ahold of some codeine and did some research on it before i did anything with it.. it said just how u feel an euphoric rush and what not so i decided it sounded good

mann, something went wrong.. i dont know what but it did.. i tried alittle thing chasing the dragon.. all you people should know about that :P but anyways i tried it! all alone, i put a tablet of codeine on the foil and heated it until it started smoking and then inhaled once, held it in forever and let go, and so on and so on.. i felt alittle bit of euphoria and warmth around my neck but other than that nothing. i only inhaled a good amount about 4 or 5 times.. might i add the pill was prolly only about 30mg or less but im not sure..

later on about an hour later i met up with a few of my friends in my car and i did it again but only this time something happened.  I got out my foil n what not and lit up, my first inhale i felt a huge wave of warmth orver come me just as the first time, the second  one i sucked up, i felt different, major warmness and lightheadedness and alittle bit euphoria, third toke my vision started to get fuzzy with all the same feelings as the second toke. fourth inhalation i felt the same as the third and the fifth hit i took was unbelieable, a huge wave of euphoria overcomes me and as i lay back in my car, i start to think about memories.. i take one last bigg breath of the stuff, the biggest one i could take and i start seeing different colors! we were sitting at a park might i add and as i gaze off into the trees i start to see different patterns of blue and red..

i lay back in my driver's seat and i look at the time.. it says something like 333 what it looked like! then i close my eyes and a few seconds later i wake up and i see my self walking out of my old school, im in 3rd grade at this point and i am walking home, as i walk with my good friend eric i look down and see red paint slpattered on the sidewalk i am walking on.. then the red paint stretches throughout my vision and thats all i seen untill it turns to darkness, then i wake up again! i am in the park but im still in 3rd grade, this time walking to the school! it is dead winter and i walk over to a tenniscourt thats filled with ice. i begin to walk on it slowly to see if it would crack but it is safe! i start to slide on it, just running back and forth by myself! i slipp and i wake up back in the same park but in reality! im still trippin hard as hell and i start to doze of at a fence and i start seeing figures flying around and the clouds twist into different shapes and colors! then i look down and look at my dashboard and i see it breath like, and moving and twisting! as i start to come down, i feel the feelings and the colors of scenery wear off. 

i feel reborn and new! i am astounded of the trip! it was so life like, i was there i know i was! it was unbelieveable!! i dont know what was on the codeine or if thats natural effects or w/e but it was awesome! i never thought something like that is even possible to exist in this kind of life we live! amazing but i really dont know if i would do it again, im pretty paranoid when it comes to drugs but it was an extremely awesome tripp!!


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