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Never Again

I was 14 at the time and my best mate and I happened to be in Camden Town in London...

i was 14 at the time and my best mate and i happened to be in Camden Town in London ... anyway me and my friend decided to experiment with amanita as they sold bags quite freely in the shops around that area with the caption 'for research only'. we asked the shop owner what it did and bla bla so we bought a bag meant for 3 people and had almost half each however my friend had more as she had had them before and had a really fun experience like seeing herself in mirrors and thinking she was famous e.t.c. I was nervous anyway as this was my first experience with any drug and so im sure that played a part in my experience.

Nothing happened until about 2 hours later when i started walking and felt i couldn't control the movement of my legs and began to walk very fast and my head began to feel very light and i got pins and needles in my tongue. i was worried and kept asking my friend whats happening to me? she just laughed so we were obviously having 2 completely different trips! We walked on and i began to lose my sight and hearing completely and had to hold onto a post to keep me upright and i tought i was going to die as everything around me was disappearing and i was screaming to my friend call me an ambulance and she just laughed it off.  we began walking and i felt like i was in a dream, i kept waking up and thinking where have i been for the last 10 minutes because i hadnt taken in anything around me. I tried to resist the effects - bad move - i almost blacked out again and it was all very scary.

It wasn't until alot later my head began to come back down to earth and i only felt slightly normal again after throwing up on a tube anyway 6 years on and i have never touched drugs since - i guess im just to scared but its always interesting to know what other people think.

if you decide to try them make sure that you arent unsure about them otherwise you will mess up!


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