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first trip very fun


well my first trip was all it was hyped up to be for how much i ate, heres how it went. me and a couple of friends k,a,z,n(letter code for names) were going to throw a party at A's house because his parents wernt home so its about 10pm and i had to take my truck home and i got picked up and taken back to A's house and they decided we were going to do shrooms and i was like hell yes i really want to do them so were looking for them and 2hours later my friend S comes there and says hes going to get an 1/8th and were like how much and he said 40$ and 1/8th and we all looked at each other and was like wtf? but we couldnt find them anywhere else so we just said fuck it and bought them anyways. so we all put the money togeather and S made the call and said the guy only had 2 1/8ths left and we were quit dissapointed because we wanted more but out of the 4 of us that bought the 2 1/8ths we all had an 1/8th. my friend S took and 1/8th about 30min befor we even got ares and he was laughing at us and stuff and we are like hell yea this is going to be fun with a parentless house all to are selves for a night of tripping. so we all took them at about 1am and i just ate one with out anything and i was like not happening to nasty to eat like that so i broke them up like weed and put them in some gatoraid and drank them. i was kinda  getting dissapointed because nothing was happening but i have read on this site that it takes up to 30min so im like ok its all cool im going to trip and this isnt going to be a let down. after 15min of eating them we all start laughing uncontrollably like it was the first time we got high or somthing. and then my friend Z got a little out of hand and A told him to settle down or leave so Z is a hard head and took it the wrong way and got pissed and started beating the shit out of his car and this is about 20min after we at them, and im starting to feel it kick in and im having fun but when i seen that A wasnt having fun it made me mad in a way because he couldnt enjoy it. my two friend K and Z were messing with everyone and that was making me mad because i knew it was going to end up a bad trip. about 15min later i finally blew up and told K and Z to stop messing with me because i want to enjoy the shrooms so i hid from them in the bathrooms for 15min and i relized i was trippin then when i looked into the mirror and watched my face look like it was water as if it was a lake and my face looked like abunch of waves of skin lol. for the first 30min after i started tripping i was depressed and confused and wanted to talk to someone sober because no one else couldnt talk because they were too fucked up and my friend N was like me but he made me mad because he kept asking if i wanted to buy a blunt and go to a friends house over and over agian and i was like dude get the fuck away from me and then i would laugh for 5min straight then i would go back to being mad then back to laughing like alot of mood changes. when A's brother got home it was all fun from there on out because A told everyone his brother was going to be pissed so we were all freaking out but when he got there he was like its cool ive tripped alot in my lilfe so exprience the trip noone will bother you guys, that made everyone laid back and then i could enjoy my trip but my mind kept going in circles and runing into dead ends like i couldnt think at all but i was cool with it because i was ready to accept anything the shrooms threw at me which i did. my friend A stayed in the dark the whole time we tripped and i sat up there with him lookin at the ceiling which also had waves going across the room which i was very intrested in watching it. but we just sat there and told each other what we were feeling and seeing like it was mellow and calm and fun. about 5am i started coming down and i could think straight again but i was still seeing visuals on the cieline which i like alot. about 6am we went to sleep but we werent like sleeping everyone was saying how they were seeing shit when they closed there eyes and i was like yea man so am i, the shapes and mazes i seen when my eyes were closed were very cool, i went through a long ass maze and everything i seen with my eyes shut that had noices in it(i could see the noices with my eyes shut and i would hear them outside of my mind which was quite fun too. i finally went to sleep and woke up and everyone decided that Z was crazy because he was the only one that didnt buy shrooms and everyone said they ate all theres accept for S which gave him one stem and one cap(quite small not even and inch in diameter for the cap and maybe a 5in long 1/4in in diameter stem, and we were like there is no way he was tripping so we decided he was crazy there for we bearly hang out with him anymore because of that. my trip would deff. be a level 2 because i didnt see anything taht wasnt there i just seen people faces get bigger smaller wider, skinnier and change colors and waves but thats about it and music sounded so awsome like i could feel the music go through my feet and up to my head like my ears were on my feet but yea that was my trip and my advice for anyone who hasnt done them yet be willing to accept anything that happens or you will become scared, confused and mood changes happend

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