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first trip

half an eigth

my first trip i was a bit nervous but i knew shrooms was a next step and seemed pretty chill. so my story starts out in my friends kitchen with 5 of my friends 3 of which didnt do any shrooms.. so me and my friend split and eigth and my other friend did a whole eigth to himself.. we were just chillin for a while i didnt feel anything and this was like 20 min after i took them... so me and 3 of my friends smoked a joint of some alright weed.. and we were chillin 30 min later i was tripping and and i was happy at the time and my friend was putting on his favorite trip songs, at that point i was seeing the wall shake and i kept "melting" to the ground sort of speak... next minute i know the person who took a whole eigth says " dude my mom just called and shes coming here with a cop" and him and the person i split an eigth with run out the window and im sitting there like fucckkkk and im just chillin wih 3 other people who didnt trip.. one of which was showing me crazzy ass videos online and i was just sitting there and this woman walks in the door looking for her son we all say we dont know where he is and she just stays outside i walk over to the door and i see a cop and his mom looking around the outside of the outside of the house and i freaked and then some kid walks in the door ( one of my distant friend) and asks where the hell are the two people that ran away and i was like i dont fuckin know.. and he didnt believe me not knowing i was tripping and then after the cops left i tried to get aa ride to the town nearby with my 2 friends that were with me but they wouldnt take me and they left.. so i just chilled at the house with 2 different people and eventually the person who took a whole eigth came back and said he was on the roof and he thought cops raided the whole house and then i see him grab a bunch of blankets and run out the door. now it was just me and one other person in the house and we were watching robot chicken it was an episode about the world ending and i was eating popcorn chillin still mildly trippping and then 2 of my friends come inside and say they have been on the roof the past 20 min so i go up there.. and theres like a million stars and i was in the happiest mood i have ever been in in my whole life.. i was on a roof under a bunch of blankets looking at the stars and it was some sick shit and then me and another person who was not tripping went to go find our friend that i split the eigth with.. so we were walking throuhg the woods looking for him and we gave up looking went back and he was there and he said he was in a sleeping bag in the middle of the woods tripping balls thinking his hosue goot raided by cops and he pissed himself.. so then i went to a local gas stacion and bought a drink and then passsed out

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