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huge cap and two stems

college days

So I was at college and bought some shrooms from my friend laura.  i got an 1/8, made of one huge cap and two stems.  i kept it in the fridge for a week, and then my friend rosanna and i decided to trip.  she had a half 1/8 of almost all aborts.  i ate them on an empty stomach, and i'm 6'1 and 155 lbs.  i swallowed some soda after them, and sat down at the paints.  i got out the orange and red paint, and started painting with the orange. a few minutes later i picked up the red paint, and felt the shrooms hit me as i looked at the paint.  "here we go, rosanna" i said, and started painting.  after a few minutes, though i began to get too shaky to paint and i went downstairs to get my blue blanket.  i came back up and sat with the blanket wrapped around me and just kind of bobbed up and down on the floor in the blanket.  we began to listen to a loreena mckennit/radiohead mix.  i bounced around for about 10 more minutes and watched rosanna paint, and watched the room become light, and then dark, and then light again.  i also be came convinced that her closet door kept opening and spilling light out beside me.  every time i looked closely, however, i realized it wasn't true.  eventually, i began to realize that maybe the white trashbag there was becoming the light, and i moved it.  the light stopped.  i stood up and looked at the room from the new angle and began to really enjoy the trip.  i started laughing, making a joke about a ghost taking out some girl's trash.  rosanna and i both laughed our asses off as she told me, "oh, tyler, you DO have a mean streak!"  we laughed for another long bit, and then i sat down.   rosanna and i both became lightheaded so we decided to lay on our backs and look at the ceiling.  the ceilings here at school look kind of like someone threw a bunch of white spaghetti on them, and then a few white woodchips.  I began to see in the ceiling a fire-red man, standing in the middle of the forest.  as long as i didn't move too much, i discovered, the forest would surround me and i could follow the fiery man around.  the music changed to another song, and then the fiery man and forest faded and the lines and curves in the ceiling began to each take on an individual color and blink and jump around.  i sat back up and began to look at the canvas we'd be painting on.  the more  i looked at it and the less i thought about what to paint, the more appeared on the blank space.  i gasped and grabbed paints and a brush and immediately began to paint what was appearing on the page.  the images on the canvas faded, however, as i began to paint over them, and also as my friend jack walked in the door.  we handed him a small amount of shrooms and i moved around to a new spot and looked at the canvas again.  the fiery man had reappeared, and i knew what he looked like now.  i sat to work painting him and the tree behind him for the next half hour.  i kept wanting to add more detail, but the further into the painting i got, the harder it became to paint.  I had to lose the paintbrust because i couldn't remember how to make it work anymore, and i couldn't hold it without dropping it.  i decided to use my fingers and squirted some on my fingers.  i was in love with the red paint and couldn't keep from squishing it in my fingers, so i had to use quite a bit before i had any sucess.  then came the black paint.  for some reason, the black paint was different, and i was sure i could hear it.  every time i squirted more out, i was straining to hear the paint, getting down close in case black was a particularly quite color.  eventually, i got a moment of sanity, picked up the paintbrush and finished the little bit i could remember of the fiery man, and closed the paint.  by this time, roughly 2 1/2 hours of tripping had gone by, according to jack.  i remembered jack kept asking me how much i had eaten, and i never could tell him.  i showed him a huge circle, roughly smaller than a coffee can and told him a cap that size and two stems as thick as fingers.  it was a gross overstatement, but i couldn't remember very well.  the more i tried to remember how much i'd eaten, or when i'd eaten them, the more it was completely impossible.  i couldn't remember when this excellent feeling started.  my friend ken showed up about this time blazed as could be, and i began to paint another fall-type, tropical tree i thought i saw on rosanna's wall.  ken asked to borrow a cig, and i went with him to smoke on the roof.  Surrounded by brick walls we lit some cloves and talked about our families.  i put my foot up on the brick wall, but then got the distinct impression that the wall was sinking away from me and taking my foot with it.  i put my foot back down.  we finished our ciggs and went back inside. 
i came back inside to see rosanna, and found her in her bed with the lights off.  she turned to me, "i can't sleep!  i thought i could, but i can't go to sleep like this! why am i in bed?!" we decided to go to my room and watch the triplets of belleville, an excellent french cartoon film, with no dialouge at all.  we laughed, my eyes watered until i was crying out both eyes.  we cried and screamed when weird faced appeared on the screen.  i gasped when i thought i saw something slide out of my bedsheets.  nothing was there, of course, and we finished the movie.
three hours later, i finally fell asleep depressed.  the trip was fun, but i didn't drink any water, and hadn't eaten supper, so the comedown was a fucking mess, and i had a splitting headache the next day.

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