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The people before me

Since I was a little kid I have always wanted to try shrooms.

Since I was a little kid I have always wanted to try shrooms. Well it was time... IM 22 now. My friend Kevin and I decided to take them one night in Feb. We each ate about 4 shrooms each; Psylocybin ,strain unknown. My friend Kevin’s affects with shrooms have always been very positive. He is in control mentally and really knows how to get the most from shrooms. He was to guide me through my journey. Originally I was supposed to do this with my partner. But he was not ready. It was about 11:00pm when we started to feel the affects. I started to feel them first. This over whelming feeling of happiness came over me. All the lights started to turn very bright and star like and the rooms started to flow. My carpet turned into what looked like mud.
And my place started to feel like it was throbbing with life. I felt like I was entering a painting. The faint sound of whispers echoed in the back of my mind for the majority of the journey. My friend and me laid down and looked around for a while as we tried to make out images in my ceiling. WE then walked over too my piano and sat down and started playing. "I have always wanted to play the piano on shrooms!" My God! I started to play the piano when I was 16.. It sorta just happened one day. I found out that I had a gift for creating music. I never understood where it came from.. My music would just flow from my hands.. It almost did not feel like mine. As I played the piano that night I felt this overwhelming feeling like I was in the presence of the original creators of this music. Passed down through our genes. Generation to generation. I asked my friend almost yelling. Can you feel that!!!Can you feel them? My friend was enveloped in the music I was playing. Like someone sitting next to a speaker on E. Every note felt like I was getting closer and closer to nature. I played for felt like eternity but was only 20 min. After 20 min I was exhausted.. It was like the energy was being sucked out of me. My friend Kevin then started to e-mail his friend that he did not talk to in 4 years and I just started sat there on the couch pondering =) My mind was being forced to think about thing that I of course was afraid of or just did not have on my mind. I though of nature and the connection between us. I felt so close. I could feel all the plants in my place. My thoughts then switched over to my boyfriend.. The whispers I talked about earlier grew louder. I closed my eyes emptied my thoughts and listened.. I listened to my inner self and I could here it so well. I started to ask it questions. It told me things that I knew but could not face and things of inspiration. One of the things I asked the voices were about my boyfriend. What will happen to us? "They said he was a wild creature and that I was not the one to tame him. But I was his keeper and my soul purpose was to guide him to a point and for him to guide me. Then I would have to let him go." I have been with him for 4 years. I started to feel really bad but opened my eyes and realized what had to be done. The rest of the night I felt like I was poisoned. I woke up feeling sick and completely drained. It was so quick. I only tapped into a little piece of the deep parts of nature. One day I will do it again.. I have many unresolved issues to complete before I visit there again.
I recently left my boyfriend and am on my way into life.

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