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Helping my friend learn how to see through his 3rd (psychedelic) eye...

Tripping with my friend for his first time...

Okay first off theres a little disclaimer to this:  The following conversation takes place between me and my friend who has never done any psychedelics before who was curious.  I am obviously "ilovepsychedelics" and he is "newtotripping".  We tripped a few days before we had this conversation, and went down to the city of chicago for our trip.  We were not on shrooms, and I realize this website is mainly about shrooms.  But the trip experience was so similiar to the effects I've felt on shrooms I feel it is important enough to share anyways...He dosed 8 seeds, I dosed 11 Initially...4 a few hours later and 2 a few after that (We had Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, LSA aka Acids little sister...).  I know this isnt the usual trip report format, but this is the only way I thought the information could be shared as he can't remember most of it now to write his own report.  Enjoy...its a little long but worth the read, some things he said should really make sense to some of you...

newtotripping: Dude.

newtotripping: you there?

newtotripping signed off at 12:58:59 AM.

newtotripping signed on at 9:56:00 PM.

newtotripping: you thurr?

Ilovepsychedelics: yo

Ilovepsychedelics: so...terry tells me the seeds made you uncomfortable?

Ilovepsychedelics: :-P you're too stubborn to let them take control and then its no fun

newtotripping: haha

newtotripping: no

newtotripping: I had a bit of a bad trip

Ilovepsychedelics: pshhh

newtotripping: a few things influenced it

Ilovepsychedelics: how so

newtotripping: one, you and Bill talking about the money I owe everyone got me thinking about that, and for some reason, I could NOT get it off my mind...which fell into my bills, late schoolwork, etc.

Ilovepsychedelics: lmao

Ilovepsychedelics: my bad

newtotripping: and for some reason, it all seemed so hopeless and scary to me that it was FREAKING me out

Ilovepsychedelics: get stuck in a loop?

newtotripping: yes

Ilovepsychedelics: lmao

newtotripping: it was like

newtotripping: oh, I'll piss


Ilovepsychedelics: ahahaha

newtotripping: aaaaaaaahhhrrrgh

Ilovepsychedelics: you looked kinda freaked out over there by yourself

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: heh

newtotripping: and lets see

newtotripping: something else

newtotripping: oh

newtotripping: yeah

newtotripping: the worst part

newtotripping: when I said I needed to be fine by like 10

newtotripping: and you and Bill were like

newtotripping: AHAHAHAHAHAH right

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: it was over

Ilovepsychedelics: ahahah

newtotripping: my mind just went insane

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah

newtotripping: it went between money and how I'm fucked when I get home

Ilovepsychedelics: have to talk to your mom?

newtotripping: if I get home

newtotripping: yes

Ilovepsychedelics: lmao

Ilovepsychedelics: how was that

newtotripping: she demanded to see the money today

newtotripping: I showed her, she was like

newtotripping: oh, good.  well, take that with you tomorrow

newtotripping: thats what I needed to call you about

Ilovepsychedelics: so you can give it back?

newtotripping: I have to leave with my sister to go to Iowa

Ilovepsychedelics: snap

newtotripping: I gotta wait until AJ sends the cash

newtotripping: I called him today

newtotripping: he told me he gets his check tomorrow and will paypal it then

newtotripping: so as soon as it clears, I can send it to you

newtotripping: you gave me $90, right? I'll just give you like 100 back so you can get yourself a free hit or two on me ;-)

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: dick.

Ilovepsychedelics: you're totally not ready for real acid.

Ilovepsychedelics: itd FREAK you out, man.

newtotripping: dick? wtf?

newtotripping: and no

newtotripping: I realized that

newtotripping: I can't do it again until i don't have so many things on my mind

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: yep

Ilovepsychedelics: i told you

Ilovepsychedelics: its a total mind fuck

Ilovepsychedelics: bet you had no idea to expect that though

newtotripping: I'm delinquent on my CC bill, I owe parents money, school money, you money, etc. I am late on a bunch of homework, on freelance work because of Bill, my job is fucked up, etc etc

newtotripping: I didn't

newtotripping: I thought it would just be like confusion and pseudo-epiphanies

newtotripping: like, Oh, I understand everything now that I've pondered the universe!

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: naw man, it really scrambles your brain.

Ilovepsychedelics: puts that shit in a blender

newtotripping: not, my life is a fucking wreck, I'm a piece of shit, I'm gonna die in a gutter, my parents are going to disown me, and me knees are gonna get broken by some thugs from my debtors

Ilovepsychedelics: hahahah

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah man

Ilovepsychedelics: if youve got issues to work out

Ilovepsychedelics: DONT take psychedelics

Ilovepsychedelics: maybe i should of mentioned that.

newtotripping: yeah, I didn't think it was that important...everyone kept telling me that

newtotripping: no, I knew

newtotripping: I've read every erowid experience evar

newtotripping: for years

newtotripping: but never believed it completely

newtotripping: because all the ones on coke, smack, etc. were usually kiddie bullshit

Ilovepsychedelics: so you never got any visuals?  nothin even when you closed your eyes and didnt focus?

newtotripping: um

newtotripping: hell yes I had visuals

newtotripping: not closed-eye, though

newtotripping: well, sorta, but it was more like burned-retina visuals

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah

Ilovepsychedelics: thats what they look like

Ilovepsychedelics: rainbows of burned colors

Ilovepsychedelics: what kinda open eyed ones did you get

newtotripping: heh

newtotripping: it wasn't fabrication

newtotripping: just distortion

newtotripping: mostly

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah

Ilovepsychedelics: staticy?

newtotripping: the TV was entertaining

Ilovepsychedelics: lmao

Ilovepsychedelics: that movie man

Ilovepsychedelics: it was fuckin with me

Ilovepsychedelics: i seriously had no idea what was going on.

newtotripping: haha

newtotripping: yeah, I had seen it before

newtotripping: so while I was a LITTLE confused, I could follow it

newtotripping: but it was really, really pissing me off after a while

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah

Ilovepsychedelics: so was that guy that was way too energetic.

newtotripping: the scene where he fucks the fat chick made me want to scream

Ilovepsychedelics: he was like

newtotripping: I don't know why

Ilovepsychedelics: the spokesperson for redbull

Ilovepsychedelics: thats how i felt

Ilovepsychedelics: lmao

newtotripping: oh, Igor?

Ilovepsychedelics: yes.

newtotripping: he was bad to have around

newtotripping: except he grounded me

Ilovepsychedelics: he kept talking

Ilovepsychedelics: so FAST

Ilovepsychedelics: i couldnt STAND IT

newtotripping: because he's ALWAYS like that, and I told him I "wasn't really tripping at all"

Ilovepsychedelics: my mind wasnt moving at that speed

Ilovepsychedelics: i had to tune him out

newtotripping: and so he acted normal around me, which let me feel grounded to something my mind could comprehend, if that makes sense

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: i remember when you kept motioning for him to leave

Ilovepsychedelics: and he would just keep talking

Ilovepsychedelics: lmao

newtotripping: heheh

newtotripping: yeah

newtotripping: Bill was funny

newtotripping: I was in the room with igor

newtotripping: and he walked in

newtotripping: and said something totally tripped out

newtotripping: and I understood him, cause I was tripping too and was in that...er...lack of mindset, if you know what I mean, but at the same time I knew Igor wouldn't have a clue what he meant

newtotripping: and when igor doesn't understand, he fights with you and would've set off a REALLY bad vibe

Ilovepsychedelics: hahah

newtotripping: so I looked at Igor and was like "psst" with a "he's fucked up, don't say anything" kind of in-joke look at him

newtotripping: and Bill flipped out

newtotripping: he saw it

newtotripping: and was like "wtf? whats that little nudge nudge shit? wtf, are you guys talking about me? fuck you guys man"

newtotripping: it was hilarious

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: i'll try to get you a hit of acid tomorrow.

newtotripping: but it only made me feel like a dick, which sent me back into paranoid shitty-mind mode

Ilovepsychedelics: but no more than one.

newtotripping: tomorrow?!

Ilovepsychedelics: ya

Ilovepsychedelics: not saying you have to do it tomorrow

Ilovepsychedelics: but i might bet getting some then

newtotripping: but you'll get it? :D

newtotripping: man

newtotripping: well

newtotripping: after I left their apt with you

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: see, thats the other thing

Ilovepsychedelics: SO COLD

newtotripping: the whole time

Ilovepsychedelics: COLD

newtotripping: I had like this fatherly mindset

newtotripping: it might be hard for you to get

Ilovepsychedelics: lol i know

Ilovepsychedelics: i could tell

Ilovepsychedelics: you kept like

newtotripping: but like, I've introduced many of my buddies to drugs

Ilovepsychedelics: motioning me to follow

Ilovepsychedelics: and HURRY

newtotripping: like, bad ones, at their request though

Ilovepsychedelics: WERE IN A HURRY

Ilovepsychedelics: TO SIT ON THE TRAIN

newtotripping: haha, yeah

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: i was confused

Ilovepsychedelics: but didnt care

newtotripping: and every time I've done shit with buddies, they look at me to be the "wise one"

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: i bet they thought i was FUCKED up

newtotripping: and I gotta watch them, cause I know the signs of ODs, etc. that the n00bs don't

Ilovepsychedelics: i was just havin a blast.

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: so for SOME REASON, I dont know why, I got into that mindset of "protect slott, make sure he doesn't fuck himself up by walking into traffic" and shit

Ilovepsychedelics: hahah mna

Ilovepsychedelics: if anything

newtotripping: and that freaked me out even more

Ilovepsychedelics: i should of been the one thinking that

Ilovepsychedelics: :-P

newtotripping: yeah, I know, but I figured you were too gone to comprehend anything

newtotripping: every time I'd look at you you'd just go "Oooooo" like this: =-O

Ilovepsychedelics: hahah man i was still there, i just let go and didnt care

newtotripping: yeah, I tried so hard

newtotripping: I could think fairly well

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: the whole time I was like, "Man, I'm tripping balls, but shit, this sucks"

Ilovepsychedelics: at what hour

Ilovepsychedelics: would you say

Ilovepsychedelics: you actually felt

Ilovepsychedelics: like

Ilovepsychedelics: "whoa, am i tripping?"

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: like I know it was going on but couldn't stop resisting no matter how much I tried to let go

newtotripping: probably when I moved over to the couch you were on

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: cause then I could see the TV and saw the burned images with the frozen frames and shit

Ilovepsychedelics: you were in the bathroom for a while

newtotripping: ghosting and whatnot

Ilovepsychedelics: how was the mirror

newtotripping: good.

newtotripping: it was totally normal

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah?

newtotripping: which was good, because it grounded me

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: like, it was something that I could look at and go "OK, I'm normal, I'm just tripping. Cool."

newtotripping: I probably literally had the most fun in the bathroom :D

newtotripping: when I pissed, it felt like I was pissing for like 15 minutes....literally

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah

newtotripping: and like it was a huge waterfall

Ilovepsychedelics: perception of time = GONE

Ilovepsychedelics: when tripping

newtotripping: and the toilet was warbling and breathing and shit

newtotripping: and when the piss would splash against the water, it was like something profound and majestic was happening :D

newtotripping: like crashing waves and shit

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: then outside

newtotripping: the buildings seemed REALLY small

Ilovepsychedelics: haha

newtotripping: like, for some reason, it felt like they were like 8 feet tall

newtotripping: only a little taller than me

newtotripping: did you hear me say that?

newtotripping: "man the buildings look short as fuck"

Ilovepsychedelics: when i was walking the extreme coldness totally took me out of my trip for the most part

Ilovepsychedelics: it was annoying

newtotripping: heh

newtotripping: it was really bad for me

newtotripping: cause like

newtotripping: I'd look down the street

newtotripping: and walk

newtotripping: and look down to hide from the cold

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: and feel like I was walking for like 30 minutes

newtotripping: and look up, and I went like 15 feet

newtotripping: which was why I felt like I had to hurry, cause I thought it was taking us FOREVER to get anywhere

Ilovepsychedelics: BUS

Ilovepsychedelics: NOW

newtotripping: yes

newtotripping: hahaha

newtotripping: exactly

newtotripping: thank god I remember my old bus stop and #

Ilovepsychedelics: LOL

Ilovepsychedelics: THOSE GIRLS

Ilovepsychedelics: i stared at them.

Ilovepsychedelics: like i was the devil

newtotripping: though you almost went to Waukegan :D

Ilovepsychedelics: they had to know i was fucked up.

newtotripping: I was gonna go to Ravenswood, which would've not taken you to libertyville...thats why we had to go through the underground to the other station when I remember you were going with me

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: you FAIL at being a father

newtotripping: haha

newtotripping: I finally STARTED to have some real mind-opening shit when I left you

Ilovepsychedelics: ya?

newtotripping: cause I knew you were cool then and I was gonna be straight with getting home, and my mind loosened up

Ilovepsychedelics: when you didnt have to worry about baby sitting me?

newtotripping: and I stopped being insanely paranoid

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: and because I was ON THE TRAIN, ready to be picked up and it was out of my hands

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: how was talking to your sister

Ilovepsychedelics: have an interesting conversation?

newtotripping: and because I wasn't insanely fucked up by that point, the visuals were gone but the mindfuck was still ever-present

newtotripping: sort of

newtotripping: it was weird

newtotripping: cause like

newtotripping: I didn't feel like I was really tripping much anymore

newtotripping: but I still had a body buzz (which felt uncomfortable to me almost the entire time)

newtotripping: and my mind was focused on empathetic shit

newtotripping: like, no matter how much the real me was trying to be like "no, fuck everyone, you had people man" I kept thinking like, "man... I'm such a dick... I shouldn't be fucking with my sister like that" and crap like that

Ilovepsychedelics: ahahahah

newtotripping: I felt like an ass cause I made her drive all over the place for me

Ilovepsychedelics: YOU FUCKING DICK!

newtotripping: and all that shit

newtotripping: haha, yeah

Ilovepsychedelics: you're lucky i didnt feel like fucking with you.

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: and then I just felt really insanely enlightened

newtotripping: see, other people didn't really weird me out

newtotripping: like even when you were in the bathroom or whatever

newtotripping: and I was with Igor

newtotripping: he would try to fuck with me

newtotripping: and I knew he was, and didn't care

newtotripping: or, I would just dismiss everything he did as my imagination

newtotripping: it was ME that was weirding me out

newtotripping: my mind was just gone, thinking about shit I've never, and don't really want to think about

Ilovepsychedelics: i told you man

Ilovepsychedelics: psychedelics are brain food

newtotripping: and I finally understood the hippies

Ilovepsychedelics: you thought i was full of shit and just trying to justify my abuse

Ilovepsychedelics: BUT IM NOT!

newtotripping: I kept thinking, while we were in the train station

newtotripping: haha

newtotripping: yeah

newtotripping: while we were in the trainstation, I was stuck in a loop of "the hippies are the strong-minded ones, man, if they can handle this shit, they're fucking STABLE...WE'RE the unstable ones."

Ilovepsychedelics: EXACTLY

Ilovepsychedelics: lol!

newtotripping: and then it went the other way

Ilovepsychedelics: you get it jeff.

newtotripping: when I was ON the train

Ilovepsychedelics: THE TRUTH IS SCARY

Ilovepsychedelics: ISNT IT

newtotripping: I was fighting with two explanations

newtotripping: either they're really, insanely stable and can handle it

newtotripping: OR

newtotripping: they've reduced their minds and lives to be simple enough that their problems and issues don't grind on them like people with a lot of important business swirling around them all the time

newtotripping: which may or may not be a better way of life...thats for the next trip I guess, to figure out ;-)

newtotripping: but either way

newtotripping: while all I could think about was "when will this end?" I was finally like

newtotripping: OK, I understand now.  Wow, this is powerful and to be respected.

Ilovepsychedelics: yup

newtotripping: like, i couldn't understand how your trip wasn't fudged cause of your fight with your mom and your dad calling and shit

newtotripping: that would've sent me over the edge, heh

Ilovepsychedelics: gotta be strong minded and not let that shit bother you

Ilovepsychedelics: or it totally does ruin it

Ilovepsychedelics: only ruins it if you let it!

newtotripping: no

newtotripping: I fought to be normal

newtotripping: I was fuckin fighting my mind the entire time

newtotripping: not the trip

newtotripping: I was like

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: OK, lets fucking trip...don't think about that....just have fun

newtotripping: TRIP TRIP TRIP

newtotripping: but then no matter what I did, it just went back to hell

Ilovepsychedelics: hahaha

Ilovepsychedelics: that sucks

newtotripping: thats why when Igor was in there talking about Rambo and shit, I was happier, cause it kept my mind off bad shit and onto funny, stupid shit that I could enjoy

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: but then he grated on my mind

newtotripping: like a fucking cheese grater

Ilovepsychedelics: ahahaha

newtotripping: and I wanted him to go away

newtotripping: and when he did, and we watched that movie, it was cool, but then I fell back into "shit, I'm so fucked up, everyone is gonna find out then its all gonna go downhill from there..." and back into the loop

newtotripping: I needed you guys to be like "don't worry dude, you'll be cool by the time you need to go home"

newtotripping: but I couldn't be like, "tell me this!" or it would've been pointless, heheh

Ilovepsychedelics: all in all

Ilovepsychedelics: have a good time?

newtotripping: I'll say this

newtotripping: if you were to pick any random spot

newtotripping: during my trip

newtotripping: and asked me if I was having a blast

newtotripping: ANY spot, except maybe right at the end when I started clearing my head up

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: I would've said FUCK no stop this shit

newtotripping: but

Ilovepsychedelics: what was your must profound thought?

Ilovepsychedelics: haha

newtotripping: when I look back on it, I had some intense understandings from my insane introspectives that I think the mental anguish was worth it.  WELL worth it.

Ilovepsychedelics: told you man

Ilovepsychedelics: it opens up that third eye

newtotripping: it was kinda like

Ilovepsychedelics: and you can SEE into the world.

newtotripping: it allowed me to step back

newtotripping: and look at my life

newtotripping: and everyone else's lives that I knew

newtotripping: and how they relate to me

newtotripping: and from a totally unbiased POV, analyze what was happening and where we were going

newtotripping: I could honestly, 100% NOT UNDERSTAND why I use heroin

Ilovepsychedelics: see why native americans use this shit for "spirituals quests"?

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

Ilovepsychedelics: yeah man

newtotripping: no matter how hard I tried to justify it, and how I was like, "it feels amazing" tec.

newtotripping: etc.

newtotripping: my mind could not understand it

newtotripping: it was like I was sitting there beating my head on a wall, complaining about headaches, and finally I realized I was beating my head against a wall

Ilovepsychedelics: ahahhhhhhhhhhahah

newtotripping: though that just made me more depressed, because I knew it was my fault, and that went into you've-been-fucking-yourself-over mindset again, etc etc

newtotripping: everything I thought about always brought me back full-circle to "it's all your fault, ya fuckin moron! when will you ever learn?"

newtotripping: but out of that

newtotripping: I learned one very important thing

newtotripping: that I still remember, and realize is very true and not just tripped-out-logic

Ilovepsychedelics: whats that

newtotripping: I spend so much time sitting around worrying and planning about all the shit I have to do, that by the time I'm done worrying and planning, I've already wasted so much time that I could've just fucking done what I needed to get done.

Ilovepsychedelics: heh

Ilovepsychedelics: ya

Ilovepsychedelics: i learned a while ago theres no reason to worry

Ilovepsychedelics: because it doesnt help anything

Ilovepsychedelics: and its best just not to.

newtotripping: basically, I'm insanely disorganized, and I need to just do my shit and stop forcing myself to keep my to-do list on the front of my mind

Ilovepsychedelics: lol

newtotripping: without actually doing anything about it, heh

newtotripping: well

newtotripping: heh

newtotripping: its hard to get excited about it

newtotripping: because its so different from the normal concept of "drugs" to me

newtotripping: but its such a mindfuck...that I can hardly resist wanting to find out more

newtotripping: its like buying a book a few pages at a time, and while its a huge pain in the ass, you're at least getting the story, heh

And doesn't that last line just sum it all up perfectly, I couldn't think of a better way to put it.  Hope reading this may have helped someone learn something%u2026

Enjoy, hope it helps make you feel less insane to know other people have simliar thoughts!  Happy tripping...whatever your method may be....

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