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Okay, I dose with some of my friends up at school.

Okay, I dose with some of my friends up at school. We're chillin in my dorm room. As the psylocybin started to set in, we began to walk around my floor, and it appeared to me as if my friends were merely reflections of my own self! [This was about 15 minutes after we dosed] We continued to walk around, trying to find something, I can't quite recall what it was. At the time, to me, it seemed as if we were trying to find an origin, a starting point, something of that nature. We were confused as fuck.

So anyway, we decided to just chill in my room. I sit down on my desk and I noticed shit begin to move around. My Formula 1 screensaver was on at the time, and the wheels were smokin, straight up movin. It was pretty phat.

Then I remember getting up. [At this point, I was beginning to lose touch with time, and I noticed that this bigass tree outside had grown eyes! It was fucking mindblowing. It was moving around and looked absolutely incredible.

Next thing I did was go into my bathroom. I took a piss, and to my left and right, on the bathroom tiling, there were millions of tiny little flowers. It was fucking crazy. Then I turn around and peep out the mirror. It was at this point that the trip became spiritual. I never looked so awesome in my life. I remember my body moving very slowly, yet flowing with some divine perfection into and through itself. I observed the Infinite "I Am" in all of its glory and perfection. "I Am." The very Name of the Almighty.

So anyway, I walked out of my bathroom into where everyone was chillin. And after seeing God, I felt like Him as well. And I mean I REALLY felt like God. Everything was perfect. Absolutely nothing was wrong. I felt absolutely no fear or anxiety toward anyone or anything. I was exuding pure positivity. It was the best I have ever felt in my entire life.

I sat down and we were watching Star Wars Episode One. And I swear to, well, "God," that we were connected to the actors in the film. It was as if my thoughts were directing the movie. No other way to describe it. I would think one way, and the scene would be a direct reflection of my thoughts. Totally fucking mindblowing.

At the same "time," I felt as One with my friends. It was as if everyone was connected somehow, through cellular interaction or something. It was mad cool.

So anyway, that's most of my first trip. Hope you enjoyed it. Peace & love.

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