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Thousands of spirits in the clouds

It was my time to see the light. I looked up and saw a thousand faces in the clouds. And they spoke to me

I have done shrooms maybe 7-8 times before.  One time in Amsterdam I had the best trip of my life. But this one, the night before the 2006 election was the by far the most incredible journey that I have ever taken.  I had been given by a dear person some very potent shrooms that I kept in a safe place for over a week until the right time.  It had been raining for three days and I was hoping that the sun would be out for the trip that I had planned with my friend.  It was his first time but he was very intelligent and had experimented with other things before. 

We grinded about 3 small shrooms into a fine powder and blended them with ice, orange juice, and a teaspoon of vanilla into a smoothy.  It tasted great ( I highly recomend this delivery method)  After drinking one 10 oz. glass we felt some effects within about 10-15 minutes.  I really wanted a big trip and so I went for another glass and we both drank one more.  By the time we were sipping the second glass I was comming up pretty good.  decent visuals and sound distortions.  I drank the other glass and knew I was going on a big ride.  We listened to his very nice stereo and I sat there gettting really serious feeling during a simon and garfunkle album.  I was noticing that the sun was really coming out and there was a beautiful sunset starting up.   I told my friend that I really wanted to watch the sunset from the roof so we went up on the roof and checked it out.  I was getting some pretty good vibes going at this point and felt that I was sort of peaking from the first glass of mushrooms but knew that my trip would get even better.  It did.

We were on the roof for maybe 15-20 mintues and we were just in awe of the incredible sunset before us.  We noticed that there were really no clouds around us except for the ones directly between us and the sunset.   Not to the north or the south just pretty much inline with the sunset.  The colors were beautiful and they were changing fading between red, orange, and shades of violet.  Then my friend noticed that there was a significant annomoly in the sky there was this striking purple stripe of sky that was so visible that it had to be seen by everybody and it was coming from the sun right towards us.  I told my friend that I have always felt that I had a special connection with the sunset and it is a very powerful time for me.  But then it happend.

I looked up a white round spiraling cloud just above us, it sparkled and then I instantly saw over a thousand faces in the clouds.  At first it shocked me.  Scared me for just an instant and then I said to the clouds no it's ok I want to see you I want to see it all.  And then as if I had said the magic words the whole sky just opened up to me.  Pulses of light let me know that I was communicating with the spirits and I was told to be prepared for a series of visits.  I was very thankful for the opprotunity and I kept saing thank you, thank you,  I looked up at the sky and I felt our planet's pulse, the spirits were all around like I was a guest at a spiritual party and I was the guest of honor.  I was the terrestial being allowed to sit at the table with the spirits.  The coulds were circling us overhead.  I have to say that it was sort of triangular in shape the clouds were moving very quickly and the force of the planet and GOD was very very strong.  It was at that time that God spoke to me it wasn't so much a voice as it was some really strong relevations a series of them about how the world works, afterlife, spirits, my life, my stumbles,and my succeses.  THis is what god let me know

We are all connected in a spiritual way, the afterlife is something more like the soul, or spirit keeping its essencence after it's body has stopped it's usefullness.  There is evil in the world but it is not nearly as powerful as the light,  the eternal spirit.  This evil is more or less imprisoned.  There is a heaven and it is incredible.  (Not to sound to crazy here but I got a glimpse of heaven and I absolutely can't wait.)  I have known for sometime how and when I will die but God showed me where I was going to die and He made sure that I was fully aware that at the imediate time of my death I will go on a journey to the cosmos.  It was the best gift God gave me.  To know that your soul is going on a trip, an incredible trip at the time of my death is and will always guide me in my life.  When I asked God how to live my life He said to lead the best life I can.  I was told that i get too interested in material things and that I let my sex drive lead me to do things I shouldnt but that we on this planet need to understand is that we all make mistakes and that the important thing is to learn from those mistakes.  God also told me that i was very fortunate to have so many people that love me and that the love I send out comes back to me.  And the prayers that people say for me are heard.  He told me that my openness to the unknow was the reason we could have this communication.  He left and came back three times The neat thing was that the clouds seemed to retract when he left and even my friend who did not have such a deep trip realized that the coulds were coming back to visit us three times.  We watched the sunset for over two hours.  (How that is possible is amazing to me)

After the third time I had some talks with my friend about what I had witnessed and how it impacted me and that so many questions in my mind had been answered especially when it had to do with my relationship with god and my spirtiuallity and the very unsual occourances I have had in my life.  There were a few more amazing things that occured  I was visited by my cousin that past away a few years back and he gave me a message to give to his mother.  I also felt the precence of my Uncle that passed about a year ago.  He was very happy.  And I was happy for him.  I asked to meet my grandfather that died before I was born and that introduction was allowed too.  I was so appreciative My grandfather was a quiet man and that is what I picked up but he was happy that I wanted to meet him and it was really cool becuase I love his son so much and his son is my father.  So anyway  The very best trip of my entire life.  Bar none.  I am not sure if I will ever do shooms again becuase it seems hard to believe that I could ever top that.

The sun finally set and we came back downstairs and listened to some great music from the beatles and I danced and we went out and had a great dinner.  At the end of the night I went to bed.  Upon waking I decieded that I could never forget the journey that I went on and that I would have to make some changes to my life.  Anyone that has bad things to say about Shrooms should have gone on the trip I had.  The purple stripe, the thousand faces in the clouds, and the view into heaven and the future.  Wow.  Thank you God..



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