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amazing but how

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the first time paddo's its amazing
how this stuff works i got the
hawiaanse the are not so strong and
the are easier to control
but amazing it takes a half a our to
work we take it with tree people
and it begins with laughing a lot
and what i saw i whatching telly and
i see all collors come floating out of
the tv i saw people were getting bigger
the toilet is also a real journey
and a cigaret smoking lol its unreal
and i looked to my friends and saw
all there muscle working i mean
you see them big time
i mean i saw there heads and all whats
insite fuctioning crazy all blinking
spots and my hands getting bigger
a lot of collors and the windows
were moving and when i tried to roll
a joint i saw my tabacco walking away
and when i finished my joint it whas
a wreck and when somebody else got it it whas good when i had him it whas
a little shit joint
but overral it was a good trip
and i am happy i did it but it
you wanna know my thinking about paddoits just a thing you do once ore
twice in youre lifetime but its my
stand on this i hope that
someone have something on this
i think this is a good mushroom to begin with so for all the people who gonna
try it have fun but dont use
it alone greets from holland tom

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