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Psycho Cubensis

A firery hole in the ground which apeared to be hell opend up from under me!

This is a story of one of, if not, the most intense trip I've ever had. Alright so while I was away at college I tripped alot, prob atleast once every two weeks or once a week. However the shrooms I was tripping off of were some real bad ass cubes with incredible vishuals. So while I was away at college I was telling my trip stories to my boys back home and they couldnt beileve how intense my trips were. I then found out I was coming home and decided I'd bring back a full ounce of these bad ass  shroomies. So when I finally get home I meet up with my friend RJ who was going to be living with me for the next couple days. We then decide we want to tripp so I call the rest of my boys up, however only two of them could come because the rest of my friends had work. So I tell Danny and Henry to meet me Down stairs in my basement. When they finally get here its about 1:00, were all laughing and talking about how crazy the trip is gona be. So I pull out the ounce of shrooms and give each of them an 8th. RJ takes his however, Danny and Henry decide that they want to split one (which they didnt even finish). So everyones siting at the table and Henry looks at the bag and says "your just gona eat them raw?" so I look at the ounce an take out a handfull of these cracker dry shrooms which Id like to say was about a quarter and shove them in my mouth. Henry, Danny and RJ all start laughing and tell me that Im fuckin crazy, as they open up there bags and begin to eat theres.  They all decide they want to smoke a blut as we wait for the effects to kick in (NOTE: I did not smoke at the time because I was on probation). So about 15 to 20 minutes after ingestion, Henry, Danny and RJ all start laughing and saying how they feel it. Henry starts laughing uncontrolably and keeps saying "Im buggin the fuck out". Shortley after I start feeling the basic effects you feel in the begining of a trip with a strong sense of paranoia, and I start feeling that I need to get Henry and Danny to leave. I dont know If I was paranoid because I was on probation, or if it was because my mother had just goten home an was calling my cell. However I had a verry strong feeling that I needed them to leave. At first they wer hesitent to leaving but then realized how bad I was bugging and understod that I was starting to freak so decided to leave and reashured me that they would be fine. After they left me and RJ sat down on the couch and relaxed, I finally started to calm down. I then headed off to the bathroom to pee (this is where things got weird). As I was peeing I got my first vishual, a firery hole in the ground which apeared to be hell opend up from under me, as my body floated above the hole pink but translucent figures seemd to be slowly spiraling out of the firery pit. As the figures got closer I realized they were women ghosts, and as they spiraled out, I found myself slowly suspended in the air spiraling with them as they circled my body (while all this is hapening Im still holding my junk with my pants down and spining in a circle trying to talk to them). I then here RJ "What the fuck are you doing!" I look around and realize what im doing. I then get my shit together and tell him "Im sorry man.... Im trippin face right now". RJ looks up at me an laughs and says "your not the only one!".  Then he, looks up at me and says  "Yo you let those kids drive home?" with a worried laugh as he shook his head in disbelief and just as he says that, oddley enough; I get a phone call and its Danny and Henry who were breaking up due to shit service in my basment and it sounded like they were crying and I loose service (I later learned that they were laughing). I then see them in a vishual I get crash and die, and I say out louad "there dead!" at this point Im freaking out, and they then call back and I ask them "you guys are dead?" and I look at RJ whos holding his head telling me "shut the fuck up" and I tell him "there all dead". Danny then says what are you talking about, your freaking me out and hangs up. 10 minutes later they call back and tell me there fine and are just bugging out really bad in a parking lot because there tripping to hard and cant drive. So me and RJ who feel alot better that there ok and more relaxed; sit down on the couch again in the dark basement. We pick up this glow in the dark toy (those toys with all the metal pins it them thats shaped like a picture frame and makes imprints of  your hands or face) and begin to play with it. Well anyways from what we can remember we end up holding hands and flying on a subway through outerspace at the speed of light. We fly past our solar system to all kinds of different dementions and galaxies. We then have the power to go back in time and as were holding hand we start saying different parts of the world we want to visit, we go all over, and the scarry thing is it felt like we were really there. We went to early Egypt and saw pharos and slave buliding the pyramids. We went to the congo and the safari in africa, the galapogus Islands in Ecuador, the outback in austrailia, Ireland, anywhere we ever wanted to visit, we went to. It was so real, and amazing. The vishuals were so beautiful, and we were both seeing the same thing as we explored, dessert, jungle, rainforest and all the other diferent places we traveled. Every time we went to a diferent location we were holding hands speeding through outerspace until we got to our new location. I then dont rember why or hw we ended there however I then found myself upstairs trying to watch TV and trying hard to act sober and normal. We must have been doing a shitty job because my mom and sister came over and started looking at me and RJ in our face and started asking me what was wrong, why are you acting weird, and why are your pupils so big (She knew we were tripping) so I got mad and told her to leave me alone and that were fine. I dont remember much after this however I do know that I saw jesus and some other crazy shit. RJ then asks me "how long is this gona last?" which was exactly what I was thinking. I tell him soon, and to come to the kitchen and eat. He didnt want to eat but I was getting tired of the trip because it was way to long and intense so I started eating alot of food and drinking water, trying to stop the trip. A couple hours later I came down from the trip around 10:30 and RJ later came completley down at 12. The expeirence was out of this world. It was the most amazing trip I have ever had. At times it was the worst feeling I have ever felt where I was facing my inner most fears living in a hellish nightmare and at other times I was at complete peace in my own euphoric state where my mind was completley free and I never felt closer to nature and the universe then ever before. At the peak of my trip I felt like I had all the answers, I understood everythig and knew all the answers. I knew all about the how the earth was created and I saw the future. I had control of everything in the universe. This tripp opend my eyes, expanded my thoughts, and beilefs to more beautiful things. It gave me a better understanding of the world. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever expeirienced. I have never triped so hard and for that long, not even when I tried acid. The tripp lasted 10 and a half hours for me and 12 for RJ. When we finally came down my little brother told me how he came down to check on me and RJ at diferent times and the first time he came down we were histericly crying with tears all over our shirts and the second time he came down to check on us, we were laughing uncontrolably. I then call up Danny and they told me how crazy there trip was and how they understood how hard I was tripping and wernt mad that I kicked them out. Later on that night around 12 my friend frankiee rolls up to my house and asks to buy an 8th of shrooms, me and RJ told him how crazy they were and how crazy the trip was. The next day I fond out he went to a party and didnt eat the whole 8th but played beer pong and made every cup because the cups were just lighting up with gold rings around them, and that the last game of beer pong he played he gauranteed he will make it in, and he made the shot for the last cup backwards. He said he could see the cup behind him glowing. The shrooms we ate were crazy as hell, and extreamly potent.  After this trip I slowed down on my consumption of shrooms and how often I take them. It was one intense trip and it change me, I now do not do do drugs and feel alot smarter, and started reading alot more. I now love to learn new things and feel smarter, where as before the trip I never really liked to read or learn anything new. Thats my storry.

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