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crazy shit.

crazy shit... i went to the july 16th ozzfest (it is now the 17th at 12:46 am) in worcster, mass... i am a big pothead so like usual i was in search for some good weed. i was with a friend who got me the tickets... we had pretty good seats, i wouldnt call them seats because nobody sat... neways, he dosnt do drugs hes all athletic and shit so i said ill go by myself.... i couldnt find shit. that is, until i went all the way to the grass in the back... that is the drug hotspot... i had 70 bucks and was planning to buy a nice ounce(comes pretty cheap around here lucky us) and i finally found a dealer... i ended up buying a gram of kind bud for $10 to try it out... i didnt bring my piece because i am permenantly paranoid from so much potsmoking and i thought a cop or security guard would find it... this guy had 1 so i had 2 smoke him up in order 2 use his bowl... we smoked good about 4 bowls... then he asked me if i wanted anything different then weed, i decided to go along just to see if anything was good enough to buy... he had acid, a small amount of coke, and shrooms... since ive heard such bad stories about acid and coke is not in my vocabulary just yet i decided 2 take the shroomies... i was so baked at this point i didnt know that i was doing so he probably ripped me off i gave him $40 and he gave me a handful a pretty large handful... he wasnt in the mood 2 trip so i went on my way... after about a half hour i found my friend way back near the front and i started to eat them, tasted like shit but hey whos complaining ive been wanting to trip for some time... so after about 5 minutes of devouring, i started to feel it... i saw black dots, it was kind of like i was blacking out... but it was all good. then i started to see colors, which was good. it became real good when Down(one of my favorite bands, besides PanterA) came on stage. the light shows seemed 2 enhance my trip a real lot... i was very hyper, and i wanted 2 go in the mosh pit but my friend told me not to because i would probably get trampled seeing i could barely hold myself up... so, i decided to just walk around and see the sights... this is when it started getting good. all the people seemed to be a blur, except for a select few who had like body parts in the wrong places... it was like seeing double it's hard to explain. the music didnt sound like music anymore... i could only really hear the great bass playing and the vocals sounded like marv albert doing commentary for an nba game... it was seriously messed up... after much giggling and screaming at the weird people, it became bad... the people talking had the voice of the devil or something, like the deep deep voices u hear in a messed up horror movie. i was very scared... i ran to the bathrooms and there was a line of what seemed like 1000 people... probably only 25. i finally got in and rested in one of the stalls. i was escaping from the scary voices. i stayed in there for probably 10-15 minutes until some guy knocked on it and said are you alright. that scared me becuase i didnt expect it so i just opened the stall and left... my trip was going down by now, as the music seemed back to normal and all i was seeing was colors... the colors was good but i couldnt concentrate on walking, so i sat down somewhere. it all of a sudden got really intense when i sat down because everybody was screaming and jumping and doing something stupid and it seemed like too much action for my brain to handle(as if a trip wasnt too much action)... after freaking out and screaming for a little bit, i could see a little clearer so i tried to get back to my friend... all of that being a couple hours, ozzy the main eventer was about to come on so i tried to get to my friend because he loves ozzy... i finally found him after what seemed like hours... and the trip gave its last effect.... everything got very slow. everybody seemed to be moving slow, even myself... i constantly looked down at my feet and i was going like 10 feet a minute... it was really something else... after about a half hour of that, the trip basically went away and i got real tired... i found my friend about 10 minutes later and he had a water and he let me dump it on my head to wake me up, it worked pretty good. after all the jamming to ozzy... everybody piled out and i passed out in my friends car when we were driving home... when i woke up i felt real good, we were back at my house and everything was clear... back to reality(damn)... he dropped me off and now here i am at 1:11 in the morning............
if you have not tripped, you need to at least once. it's an unforgettable experience and makes you look at things in a whole new way.
if you enjoyed my lengthy story... there should be more to come as i hope to trip in the near future to relive a great time.....

once crazy pothead

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