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Really Weird Bad Trip

really weird bad trip

the first time i took shrooms i took about 1.75g dried cubes. i had a level 1 trip. When i got a hold of some more shrooms i wanted to trip pretty hard so i decided to do an 1/8. Me and a couple friends went down to my dealers house and bought 12g to split between us.  We missed to bus so we decided to walk back. on the way i decided to take my 1/8 so that by the time i got to my friends house i would start tripping. i seperated the shrooms so that everyone had there share and i started chowing down. i didnt have  a scale but the shrooms seemed to be split evenly. once i finished my share my friend realized that i had gotten extra shrooms for a friend who was gonna meet us later. i had forgotten about this and had already chowed down about 5.75 grams of extremely potent cubes. o well i thought, all the harder im gonna trip. so we head back and get my sister to pick us up.as we reach a 7-11 we see some friends so we decide to chill there for a while. i started to notice effects as i watched neon lights seem to start moving on they're own. everything was intensely bright and i decided that i had better get to my friends house fast. as we reach my friends house im trying to explain to him why his kitchen looked like a boombox when i start noticing trails behind my hands. This is pretty sweet so i start looking around. suddenly everything starts moving and breathing. i love it!! this is amazing! everything in the room was breathing to the point where i couldnt make out the room very well. i start walking around and as i do i notice the effects growing increasingly stronger. everytime i move the walls are leaving trails. the ceilings and the walls are all moving into each other as well. this is the point where i decide that this trip is going to be a lot more intense then i originally planned. i go and sit on my friends bed hoping that this is the peak and that i will be able to ride it out. As the trip grows increasingly stronger i realize that i will not be able to ride it out. i am starting to hear ringing sounds and people knocking on doors. i think the cops are here and my parents are calling so i go into an intense panic i lay down on the bed and shove my hand down my throat to try and throw up. it doesnt work and then im afraid im going to pull my tounge out so i take my hand out and lay down examining a picture of jimi hendrix. it keeps vibrating like it has to unleash a power within or something so i focus on it waiting for it to release its power. as im laying down i feel like i dont exist anymore and that because i dont exist i might as well kill my body. as i think im going to die my friends give me the facts that magic shrooms dont kill anybody without the person killing themselves. i sit there while my friends try to talk to me. i dont care what they are saying. everything around them is moving intensily and i cant see 5 feet in front of me without different hallucinations overlapping themselves. every time i blink its a new friend in the room talking to me. when i ask one of my friends what time it is, he says its 9:40. i wait about 10 minutes and i ask him again what time is it. he replys, 9:40. oh shit, this trip is going to take a while. i ask him every 30 minutes it seems what time it is and every time the time has only increased by about a minute. i give up on this and as i slowly go insane i think about all my memories that will be gone when i die because i am still convinced i am going to die tonight. as i travel back through these memorys i decide that i have now been reborn.  i fastforward through my new life so that i dont have to live through it. Suddenly i feel a snap in my head and i am sitting outside smoking a ciggarette. my friend looks at me and laughs, he asks if im still high. i ask when i smoked. i had completely forgotten that i had done shrooms. i walk back into the room and everything that had happend that night hit me in a split second. wow. my friends tell me that i sat in a room for 3 hours. every time they asked me a question i answered with a single word, one. about 15 questions into it they realize they're not going to get a straight answer and leave me alone with my fucked up mind. this was such a terrible trip but after about 6 trips later im thinking about doing 5g's again.

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