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-First time.Great..In School-

mushrooms-No worries-Good Vibes-Good People-Nice Mountain.

The first time I did Shrooms, was in school on a Wednesday sometime in September. This is how it went.Well me and my Friends 'M' and 'B' ran into Eachother that day, and suddenly M just busts out a bag of some dried mushies, (Now I have been waiting months to try shrooms) so I was Stoked and happy. So me, M, and B shared, I ended up eating about 6, now me, M, and B, had to split up. It was Recess and I was just waiting for the trip to start, I was getting so impatient that I ate about 3 more. About 40 minuets passed and it was 4th period, I just gave up on waiting and thought they were duds, until I put my head down in class for a few minuets and then the teacher yelled at me to wake me up. Now I finally put my head up And YES!! The room was a mile long, and I the feelings I were getting were unexplainable, I just had NO WORRIES, and there was no anger or violence or anything negative going on in the world.Finally class ended, and I could explore, I walk outside the room, and there is my friend M. we looked at eachother and just had the biggest smiles on our faces. Like we were connected, and we were in this together. So were looking around, and theres our friend B!!! And we were brothers alas! Olny we knew what was going on in the world and no one else. After a while (still tripping) school was over, and we decided to walk up the Uphill, 2 mile trail, that leads up to the intermediate school to visit some of our kid friends. And when we were walking up that mountain, I felt like Frodo walking up Mount Morridor, with my 2 companions by my side, and the clouds above us were just circiling around the mountain like a whirlpool. We got up to the intermediate, and I wasn't tired at all because I was so numb, But after we were up there for a while My trip was waring off and I was starting to get a little depressed. But it was worth it for a good first trip!I want to trip a lot more next time though!!

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