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My First Big Trip

Before this trip I had only trip once.

Before this trip I had only trip once, and it was a small ammount, I had also smoked weed and of course been drunk. At the time I was 13 and dieing to trip and the first time wasnt very much. So me and a friend, Dan, are going to trip during the day and eat at his house come dinner time. I buy a ziplock bag of freshed picked cubensis, I go threw the bag throwing away the stems because I herd the stem could kill you, I had about 30 mushrooms all of sizes. I boil 20 down for me at about 2 pm, and 10 for Dan. We walked around the block drinking the tea, I tryed eatting one of the mushrooms and desided that it was the worst thing I had ever tasted. Dan finishes his tea first, and we walk back to my house were we sit in my room playing computer, I felt sick so I layed down on my bed. I remember that Dan was saying he felt like the affects are comeing on, I didint feel anything and still havent finished my tea. After about 5 mins I feel fine but now Dan feels sick, he tryed throwing up but can't. I had about 1/4 of the tea left but poored it out because it was so bad, we walk up to Dan's house to watch TV and play pool. Dan said he is hearing echoes, for some reason I thought he was talking about the song from Pink Floyd. We get to his house when I start to feel funny, Dan tryes to watch some TV but he quickly turned it off, all of a sudden we saw a car pull up, and was his mom. She got the day off from work or something and was supposes to come home at 6. Well we deside to lock our self in the guest bathroom; we get in there and just lay on the bed. At this time I really started to feel the Mushrooms come on. When I close my eyes I saw trippy desings and such, Im seeing stuff slow down, I recall standing up and looking around the room and everything move slow motion like. As I lay on that bed I see the sheet all rippled up and such, and parts would almost fly off, kinda like a fire. I had sounds becoming slowed down, I was laying on the bed when Dan took a deep breath and then the bed started to breath. I herd about beds and walls breathing before in trips I had read about and all I could think of was how scarry it was. I felt like my brain couldent stop thinking, so I just went with it. I thought of life is just a dream, and we are all just a sound. I thought that death wasnt real and that when we die we are just undergoing a change. I thought of us as just echoes in space. Dan was starting to freak me out because he would take deep breaths, I ask Dan to give me his brothers number so I could have him look after Dan while I go to my house. Dan looked at me and said "your not makeing any sence, I think asked him again for the number but he rolled his eyes around in a complete circle and fell back on the bed. I figure Dan would be ok to stay in the room by himself if it was locked, so I ask him if its ok if I leave. He said it was so I ran out of the house and down my street; I notice the trees on both sides of the road were flying past me, like the cover on the tool CD 10,000 days, it looked almost like a 3D movie. So I get back to my house and walk in go to the bathroom, my dilated pupil was so big it made me think my whole eye was black. I washed my hands and saw the water and it kinda looked like eyes, I get to my room when I notice my headphones are gone. My dad had taken to test his new DVD player, so I go get them and talk to my dad. I slur words and then I think he knows Im high or something so I leave and go back to my room. I started thinking of how Syd Barrett, former Pink Floyd member, went insane because of LSD. I started to feel my whole thought to go so fucking insane it made no sence. I lay on my bed and all of a sudden I feel as if nothing is makeing sence. That everything was falling apart, I try to make sence of things but just can; I turn on the TV to spongebob and try to watch it and follow the story line. I couldent understand what spongebob was saying, his voice would speed up and slow down. It at one point it was just squeaks and squeels, I just couldent understand it. I take a shower, and in the shower I just sling water around the shower and loveing it. I dont know how a trip could be bad at one point then good the next min but it was. I was watching the water drain down and it look like beads clogging the whole. When I closed my eyes I see all sorts of things still, I felt like a whole movie was being played threw my head with the animation from Pink Floyd's "The Wall". The movie is made up of different songs with these animations about how I was going insane, I felt the wall building in my head. I jump out of the shower and dry off and make it back to my room. I dress and lay down and jus try to watch TV, I recall hearing a deep voice comeing down the hall way. I later found out it was my brother but the sound was just fucked up. I just lay there untill I hear a ring at the door, I see that its Dan's dad so I quickly run back to my room. I no that Dan has been caught but I also know that Dan's dad is a cool guy and might not tell on me, and instead just tell him I cant comeover for dinner. He had done things like it in the past, such as finding us drunk and just sending us home, after about 10 mins I hear my dad walking down the hall; I play like im sleeping. He opens the door and looks at me, he flickers the light on and off then leaves, I can't remeber how long I sat there knowing I was fucked before he came back again. He opens the door and him my brother and my bro's friend Todd. He ask me how I was feeling and I said fine, his voice was all slowed down and scaring me. I he then said "I know about the mushrooms" I said and... He was all pissed off and such but he just wanted me to know that its ok to smoke weed or drink but that other drugs like LSD or crack is the stuff that will fuck you up. He never grounded me, and then 2 weeks later I was tripping again.

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