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mind bending

this happened tonight.

this happened tonight. me and two of my friends decide to do some shrooms. Me and Fiji have each tried two or three times before, but nothing really heavy. Nitro had never done them before, but was still more experienced with drugs than us. Nitro had 3 grams from about a week ago. Fiji and I had a baggy with 6, and before hand divided them 3 each as equaly as we could.

We took a walk up to the needs to get something to chase it with. We each left with a powerade. Behind the needs we started eating and having some light conversation. When suddenly our friend krypto (who was supposed to meet us later) shows up with her dad in a car. we all pile in and go to her house.

Once there, we go to the backdeck where her drunk mother is firing up the barbeque. We tell krypto that we want to go get some pizza. She knows we have shrooms but still doesn't seem to catch on, and is slightly annoyed when we go to "get pizza".

We find somewhere to sit, and start eating some more. Nitro says "the term for when you've hit it is 'man, i could go for some skittles'". so after a bit, i satrt saying stuff like "the skittles are coming" because i can feel myself getting stoned, but i'm not really there yet. So at this point we each have 3g's in us and are sitting back. I tell Nitro that i feel like we're all three good friend, sitting in the sun on a nice hill, just enjoying ourselves. then he points out that we're in a not so good neighbourhood sitting by a mailbox.

The three of us then get into an extenive talk about how the skittles are coming, and with that we decide to go to the ultrmar to get some skittles. Once we get there i go to the washroom. There was a plant in the corner that i didn't notice until my head hit one of the branches. I start to undo my pants when i feel this menacing presence behind me. I quickly look back and it's gone. Then i realize that the whites between the floor tiles are glowing and then turning dark over and over again.

I quickly finish my bussiness then upon washing my hands it seems that all the wall tiles are shifting. I smile realizing that i'm there. Once i walk back into the store, i tell Fiji and Nitro to go into the bathroom. Fiji does, then returns wondering what i was talking about. Nitro and I put some change together and buy a big bag of skittles.

Once outaside the store, we start laughing our asses off at the fact that we didn't actually want skittles. then we open it up and there are these white skittles. When i saw them they scared me to the point i gave a little jump. Nitro started explaining how they were surprise skittles. I preferred to refer to them as albino skittles.

so then we head back to krypto's. she's at her neighbors house, so we just chill on her deck. all of us seem to be noticing that the grass is "growing" all around us. I also seem to think it's all moving rather mechanically towards this one central point.

Krypto returns, and after some debating we leave. Nitro rolls a small spliff and him, fiji and krypto go at it. Fiji pukes because he' not used to having tobacco with his weed. After that, krypto has a smoke and we all head to burger king. I could swear we were in there for an hour, but we were in and out in five minutes, if not less. It seemed to be 8:20 forever.

After burger king we went to krypto's house. Once we all sat in her living room, i took a second to look at the walls, and saw that there were all sort of shifting and vibrating internally. I started trying to explain it, then Nitro was just like "strange room eh?" and i think that said it all for both of us. I put on his headphones and radiohead was playing. everything in the rooms became covered in that moving texture and it kept getting more and more vibrant until i took them off. I asked him "do they do that on purpose?" and he said they did.

after that we put in "the wall" but pink floyd. Nitro and I lay on the floor wathcing it. Out of the corner of my eye, the pile of blankets on a chair keeps looking like another person laying down. Every couple minutes I keep looking there to make sure it's not. After a bit I ask Nitro if i can take the skittles with me. He asks where i'm going and i say the couch. When he asks why i say "because the carpet is alive." And that is was. Every little hair on the carpet, along with any little piece of dirt or anything on the carpet seemed to be moving, like it's own ecosystem.

I couldn't really watch the movie. mostly i kept looking around the room, watching things vibrate and just grooving to the music. suddenly i became unbeliveably happy. happy about anything you could imagine. Happy about the shrooms, happy about sittig down, happy about waking up early to go jogging tomorrow for christ's sake.

I spent the rest of the movie just looking around really. The whole room seemed to be alive and moving in some way. My hadn and arm kept going weird. One second i couldn't stop tapping, the next it would be clenched so hard i swear i was about to rip off the arm of the sofa. It was doing shit like that for like the last half hour of the movie.

just as the movie was ending i looked up at krypto's ceiling. Weird shapes kept moving all around it, the most distinct of which was an outline of jay leno's head.

that was really the last major thing to happen to me. After that i pretty much came down. no more visuals, just a small stoned feeling i'd gotten the two times i had down it before. I'm sure there's more that i'm forgetting, but that's all i can think of right now. It was fun. i recommend it for anybody to try at least once. as for those worried about bad trips, i just suppose this is proof that ifyou go into it positive, you come out of it positive.


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